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Our Top Contributors ("TCs") are our most-esteemed AdWords experts and long-time members of the AdWords Community. They've been using AdWords for a combined total of 40 years. They've helped out thousands of AdWords advertisers over the years by kindly taking time away from their professional lives to help other users succeed with AdWords. AdWords TCs provide tons of helpful tips, advice, and support via the AdWords Community.

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Richard Ball

I try to answer questions from an advertiser's perspective, which does not always align with how a Google employee might answer a question. I also enjoy learning from other members in the forum.

Advertiser since 2002, TC since 2006
Expert in campaign optimization, Google Analytics

Kim Clinkunbroomer

I found the Help Forum in 2006 while researching, decided to answer a few questions, and soon found myself spending as much time as I could afford helping other advertisers.

Advertiser since 2004, TC since 2008
Expert in small business advertising

Jon Gritton

My current business is currently more focused towards web applications but almost all our clients do use AdWords so I get to keep my hand in.

Advertiser since 2002, TC since 2006
Expert in campaign optimizations

Lakatos Bela

A Google Advertising Professional and a Platinum Expert Author in PPC category by Ezine Articles, I and a few of my TC friends also run a blog named AdWords Help Experts where we provide additional assistance to fellow advertisers.

Advertiser since 2006, TC since 2008
Expert in campaign optimizations

Pete Bardo

I found that in researching the answers to questions on the forum, my learning curve on AdWords was accelerated. It was a surprise, and an honor, to be invited to the Top Contributor group. I don't do AdWords for any clients, only for my boss. But I don't mind taking a couple minutes here and there to help make sense (or cents).

Advertiser since 2002, TC since 2008
Expert in Google Analytics

Brian Valentini

I enjoy giving back to a community, whether it's through my participation in the AdWords forum, or through my volunteer work as a Big Brother in the Chicagoland area. In my spare time I am a devoted dad to my 1 year old son. Chasing after him keeps me busy.

TC since 2008
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Theresa Zook

I've been online since 1994, have always been a big fan of user-to-user forums, and believe this one is an incredible resource for AdWords advertisers. I visit it to answer questions and to read others' questions and answers to improve my own knowledge for my full-time job and my consulting work.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2009
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Rob Wroblewski

I joined the AdWords Forum because I was just getting started and needed a place to read questions and answers to everyday problems. As I learned more about AdWords I started to answer questions and get more involved in the community. The forum provided a great place to practice my writing and style while also helping others. Much to my surprise, I was invited to be a top contributor at the end of 2009. Although I'm happy to answer easy questions, I'm always on the hunt for that particular inquiry where I can unravel the intricacies and techniques of AdWords.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2009
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Jack Porter Smith
Jack Porter Smith

I stumbled across the forum a while ago and becoming a Top Contributor was a great privilege for me, so please feel free to ask any questions and if I can't answer, I'm sure one of the other guys can help!

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2009
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Calin Sandici

I remember the traffic source that landed me here, but I don't remember exactly the reason. Now, a few months further down the road, I know at least some of the reasons behind my visitor loyalty and recency. The knowledge, the fun, and the satisfaction. The huge knowledge I can absorb, and the little knowledge I can share. The fun and satisfaction in solving problems.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2010
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations