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The AdWords Community ground rules

Search for the answer before you ask
Google loves search, and we want our users to love it too. If everyone uses the great big search box at the top of the page, we can avoid the repeat questions that were already asked and in many cases answered.

Respect other users and Google employees
This is a community of users helping each other with AdWords, and we'd like to keep things friendly. Please treat it this way.

Be careful when posting personal information
Never share your email address, password, or any other personal information in the community. Keep in mind that posted content can – and generally will – be indexed by search engines. We like you, and we want to ensure your safety, security, and privacy.

Post questions related to AdWords
This community serves AdWords English-speaking users. When you post about other products or in other languages, we might not be able to help. Don't get upset, we'll try our best to point you in the right direction.

Enjoy and learn
We've built this great community for you to explore and learn from. Treat it that way and become an even more successful AdWords advertiser.

We reserve the right to revise these rules at any point in our efforts to keep the community clean, user-friendly, and safe.

Detailed posting guidelines

This community is a diverse group of users who share a strong common interest that will naturally build a safe and productive community, without the need for formal moderation. However, Google representatives are present in the forum to post with clarification and additional information as needed, remove spam, and uphold these posting guidelines.

Avoid self-promotion
This user-to-user community is not intended as a place for members to promote their products or services, even if they're AdWords-related. Your profile is dedicated to include any information you wish to share with others, so feel free to use it.

Use of signatures
Please don't use your signature as a means of overtly promoting yourself, your products, or your services. We strongly encourage you to use your profiles for this purpose.

Post in the most appropriate category
For instance, if your question is about conversion tracking, you should select "Measure Results" as an appropriate discussion category.

Post a question just once
Please don't post the same question in several categories.

Keep it family-safe
First ask yourself: Would I use these words in front of a child? If the answer is no, then it definitely doesn't belong in the post.

Violent or bullying behavior isn't allowed.
Don't threaten, harass, or bully other users. Imagine how you'd feel if someone would do it to you. If someone threatens or bullies you, please report it to us.


Let's all make ourselves responsible for keeping the community spam-free.

Spam includes, but isn't limited to:

  • - Any promotional, commercial, or adult content
  • - Multiple instances of the same post
  • - Posts which are overly self promotional in their text and/or signature
  • - Transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others
  • - Any other post that violates one of the ground rules above

If you notice spam, please report it to us. You can do so by clicking Options in the right top corner of each post and select Report Inappropriate Content.

Posting tips

Think of a good title
Users will see the title in the recent content, and if your title is interesting, you might get your question answered pretty quickly.

Provide good background
Many times users may ask questions that aren't clear. Think twice before you post.

Old or new?
If you have a problem and you found a post that had a similar issue but it's not a new one, it's better for you start a new thread.

Spelling and grammar
Try your best. We all make mistakes, but don't expect that other users will spend more time reading your question then it took you to post it. It's that simple.

Be wise with quoting
If you need to quote, use only as little as needed. It's distracting and difficult to read. Instead, use bullet points or numbers to organize your answer.

Hold the anger
We all get upset from time to time. However, it's better to think twice. Please don't use all capitals. It's the same as shouting. Try to keep it down if you want to get an answer.