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Meet our AdWords Community Leads

The AdWords Community is mainly a place for AdWords users to exchange ideas with other users, but we have a few Community Leads from Google here ready to lend a hand too. Learn more about our Community Leads below.

Eric, AdWords Community Team Manager
With Google since 2006

Joined Google in 2006 with eBay before that and startup before that. Visited 43 countries, or is it 44, I have lost track. Lived and worked over a year in 7 of them.

AdWords Tip from Eric: Always split Search and Display network campaigns, as they need different approach and you would be able to fine-tune settings in your Display campaign.

Justyna, German AdWords Community Lead
With Google since 2010

Joined Google in summer 2010 with background in political studies. I am Polish but Germany is my second home-country.

AdWords Tip from Justyna: Before you start your first campaign, study AdWords and get well familiar with the product! It will save you time and money and you will learn that advertising is easy & fun!

Agata, AdWords Communities Project Manager
With Google since 2008

I joined Google in 2008 after studying and working in Poland, Germany and Australia. I’m passionate about people and that’s why I love online communities so much!

AdWords Tip from Agata: Organize your campaigns around broad product areas, with each campaign containing several ad groups that focus on one specific product.

Diana, AdWords Communities Coordinator
With Google since 2008

I joined Google in 2008 with background in marketing and advertising. I first used a PC in 1989 and non-stop since then (for 23 years?).

AdWords Tip from Diana: My favorite AdWords report is "Search terms" report: It can give you plenty of ideas not only on what new keywords to add, but even how to expand your business.

Zuzana, English AdWords Community Manager
With Google since 2008

I have been working for Google since 2008. Prior to that I worked for the Slovak Embassy in London. Passion for education let me to earn two Master degrees.

AdWords Tip from Zuzana: There are lots of resources on how to master AdWords. However, in my opinion, AdWords Community is the "one stop shop" for getting a reply to your questions fast, interacting with other users and growing your business at scale.

Asier, Spanish AdWords Community Lead
With Google since 2011

Googler! Passionate about Photography, Startups, Online Marketing and the power of Social Media. Built my first successful online community when I was 14 years old. Non-stop since then!

AdWords Tip from Asier: Replicate the structure of your website in your AdWords account and visit the community to learn how to optimize your campaigns and improve your results!

Luise, Spanish AdWords Community Lead
With Google since 2011

Joined Google in Summer 2011. My background is in Systems Engineering focus on Knowledge Management. Born in Venezuela but lived all my life in Colombia. Passionate about Tech and Management mixes.

AdWords Tip from Luise: Want to know if your focus should be Quality or Budget ? Look for Impression Share metric on Dimensions Tab.

Padmini, English AdWords Community Lead
With Google since 2006

Joined Google in 2006. Was a content program manager before Google.

AdWords Tip from Padmini: Have your advertising goals clearly laid out before you start a campaign.

Natalia, French AdWords Community Lead
With Google since 2011

Previous journalist, now fulltime Googler fulfilling her passions while working as a Community Lead. Not native French, but always stayed close to this country.

AdWords Tip from Natalia: Ask smart questions and do not let the frustration take the better of you. We are here to help. Really :)

Masha, Russian AdWords Community Lead
With Google since 2011

I joined Google in 2011 right after graduating from University in Bulgaria. I have a journalistic background and truly enjoy working with the wonderful Russian AdWords community.

AdWords Tip from Masha: Filters, reports and everything connected to reading and understanding your statistics are your best friends in AdWords! Once you learn to understand the data from your account, you're almost done building a successful account.

Priscila, AdWords Portuguese Community Lead
With Google since 2008

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I'm passionate about digital culture, Photography and all thinks geek. I have been a Googler since 2008, with a background in the entertainment industry.

AdWords Tip from Priscila: Study the AdWords Policies before creating your campaigns! That way you can avoid having your ads disapproved (or your account suspended, yikes!) for simple mistakes.