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How do I become an AdWords Top Contributor?

AdWords Top Contributors are longtime members of the AdWords Community who have been recognized for all the great support they have been giving to the users over the years. Our Community Leads handpicked them and gave them this title because we think they are active, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.

This title is not something we just give out to anyone. To be considered a Top Contributor, you should regularly follow these guidelines:

  • Be consistently active in the AdWords Community on most days
  • Be friendly and patient when responding to others
  • Demonstrate that you know AdWords really well
  • Try to help and educate other members – without being a show-off
  • Contribute to forum initiatives regularly
  • Provide constructive product feedback
  • Our criteria for choosing Top Contributors may change over time as we learn what truly makes a Top Contributor “the tops.”

  • What do I get for being an AdWords Top Contributor?

    Whether you are passionate about a career in online advertising or already an established pro in the field, being an AdWords Top Contributor can help boost your reputation.

    Your profile in the AdWords Community will be labeled as a Top Contributor, which helps show the world that you truly are an AdWords expert. Other benefits include:

  • Get your profile on our AdWords Top Contributors page
  • Gain access to private forums with Google team members
  • Join the Trusted Testers program and test out cool new features before anyone else
  • Get product updates directly from the AdWords team
  • Hangout with AdWords Community Leads on Google+
  • Attend trainings given by the AdWords team
  • Get a Top Contributor badge in the AdWords Community

  • Plus, you may be eligible to get the an annual AdWords Top Contributor badge to put on your website – one more way of establishing your AdWords expertise. This badge is given only to those AdWords Top Contributors that go above and beyond the requirements and are superstars in the AdWords Community.

    These benefits are not contractual, and are subject to availability in your market. Also, they can change anytime.

    What rank do I need to become a Top Contributor?

    There is no specific rank requirement for being a Top Contributor. However, your forum rank reflects your activity and the quality of your content, so if you are on the path to being an AdWords Top Contributor, you will probably move ranks pretty fast.

    You can level up by doing the following:

  • Posting
  • Having your answer selected as the "accepted solution”
  • Having a post rated with a star
  • Rating a post with a star

  • How much do I have to post before I can become a Top Contributor?

    There is no minimum amount of posts you need to be considered as a Top Contributor, but these members tend to be among the most active in our community. While we do not ask for a specific number of posts, we typically consider members whose participation becomes noticeable by the Google team and other members.

    Of course, the quality of an answer can matter just as much or more than the actual number of posts. We are flexible about judging the duration and depth of involvement. After all, Top Contributors are volunteers. And like the rest of us, they have offline lives (and sometimes take vacations).

    Once I am an AdWords Top Contributor, can I lose that status?

    It is possible to lose your status as an AdWords Top Contributor. This is a process we call “Retirement.” Retired Top Contributors can still continue as forum members, but they just lose the exclusive Top Contributor perks. Top Contributors tend to retire due to lack of time to keep up with the forum – something that can happen when you have an increase in workload, for example.

    AdWords Top Contributors are evaluated every quarter by Community Leads. In these evaluations, we consider the following:

  • How consistently you have been participating in the community
  • How well you know AdWords
  • Your attitude towards other members and the AdWords team
  • Your contribution to community initiatives
  • Your interactions with the AdWords team

  • If the Community Leads feel like your participation is not at the expected level for an AdWords Top Contributor, they will reach out to you to better understand your situation and see if you should become a Retired Top Contributor.

    Why do people become AdWords Top Contributors?

    That is a good question. You should ask them yourself to find out. Read our AdWords Top Contributor profiles to learn more about them. They are always happy to share their experience and would love to hear from you in the forum.

    One likely answer is that AdWords Top Contributors are constantly learning more about the product. When they interact with the community, they are helping build knowledge that can be applied to their accounts. Plus, they learn a lot from the AdWords team in trainings, summits and private forums.

    Also, the people who become AdWords Top Contributors tend to be involved with AdWords in some professional capacity. As they post frequently (and well) in our very public forum, they also gain reputation and build a strong name for themselves in the AdWords community. As a result, they hope that forum members whom they have helped out might view their profile and eventually contact them outside the forum for professional (i.e. paid) assistance.