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How do I become an Expert?

You'll see two different expert groups in the Google Advertiser Community: Rising Stars and Top Contributors.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars are the forum up-and-comers, building expertise as they progress towards joining the Top Contributor program. Rising Stars are power users who have a positive attitude, share their product knowledge with other users, and participate in the community consistently. Having a Rising Star title means that your Google Advertiser Community profile will have a special Rising Star badge attached to it, which allows other users in the Community to recognize you as a frequent and valuable member.

How do I become a Rising Star?

Rising Stars are selected by the Community Managers and Top Contributors, and recognized for their friendly, helpful, and high-quality answers. Community Managers maintain discretion over who is selected as a Rising Star.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Rising Star Program?

Once a quarter, Community Managers will make a selection based on the following criteria, with help from the Top Contributors:

• Friendliness and positive attitude

• Active participation in the community

• Providing valuable and high-quality answers

Once you’ve been selected to become a Rising Star, a Community Manager will send you an email invitation to the program. You will also be granted a Rising Star badge, and your Community profile will be listed on the Rising Stars page.

What are the benefits of becoming a Rising Star?

• Earn a Rising Star badge on your profile

• Get listed on the Experts page

• Get permission to write and contribute to Community user articles

• Gain access to private forum with Community Managers and Top Contributors

While becoming a Rising Star does not guarantee that a user will eventually become a Top Contributor, Community Managers often consider Rising Stars when selecting new Top Contributors.

Top Contributors

Top Contributors are longtime members of the Community who have been handpicked by the Community Managers. They are recognized for offering consistent, high-quality support to other Community members.

This title is given to the members of the Community who regularly go above and beyond. To be considered a Top Contributor, you should regularly follow these guidelines:

• Be consistently active in the Community on most days

• Be friendly and patient when responding to others

• Demonstrate a deep understanding of Google advertising

• Try to help and educate other members

• Regularly contribute to forum initiatives

• Provide constructive product feedback

Our criteria for choosing Top Contributors may change over time.

What do I get for being a Top Contributor?

Whether you are passionate about a career in online marketing or already an established professional in the field, being a Top Contributor can help boost your reputation. Other benefits include:

• Earn a Top Contributor badge on your profile, and one annual badge that you can put on your website

• Get listed on our Experts page

• Gain access to private forums with Google team members

• Join the Trusted Testers Program and test out cool new features

• Get latest product updates and trainings

• Participate in Hangouts and events with the Google Advertiser Community Team

You can find more information about the program and benefits on the Google Top Contributor website.

What rank do I need to become a Top Contributor?

There is no specific rank requirement for being a Top Contributor. However, your forum rank reflects your consistent participation and, mainly, the quality of your content.

Once I am a Top Contributor, can I lose my status?

It is possible to lose your status as a Top Contributor if you stop following any of the main guidelines stated above. You can still continue your participation in the Community, but you will lose the exclusivity of the Top Contributor Program. Top Contributors are evaluated regularly by Community Managers. If the Community Managers feel that your participation is not at the expected level, they will reach out to you to better understand your situation.

Why do people become Top Contributors?

The people who become Top Contributors also tend to be involved with online marketing in a professional capacity. Since they post frequently in our community, they build a strong presence for themselves in the advertising world.

If you really want to understand, hear from some of the Top Contributors themselves in the video below: