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Youtube Live Opportunities For Google Partners

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I think that YouTube live streaming offers some interesting opportunities for businesses, even local brick-and-mortar businesses, to reach their ideal audience. I have just begun experimenting with YouTube streaming myself so I am something of a novice on that platform but have been doing online video for years now on earlier live stream platforms and as recorded video shows. Because YouTube is so Universal and available on all devices in most locations I think it is the best embodiment to date of live streaming.


As the owner have an advertising agency perhaps I think about everything from the perspective of a business searching for new ways to engage both new and past clients. YouTube live is not for everyone, or maybe I should say not available to everyone, because the first requirement to live stream is to have at least 100 subscribers. So, out of several YouTube channels that I own, I only have one now that I can enable for live streaming and of course that is my personal Channel not my business Channel.

I think that many business owners, especially small business owners, will be faced with a similar predicament or more likely will not have either a business or personal profile that has the minimum 100 subscribers and so will not be able to live stream. To me this just screams opportunity for agencies like mine who has access to a live stream enable Channel.


I was thinking about it this morning as I set up youTube live on my computer and mobile device. There are more requirements then just reaching the minimum number of subscribers. You have to download and set up a live streaming encoder and learn how to broadcast using that encoder. This is another layer of "techie-ness" that may keep many if not most small businesses from ever bothering to explore the potential of YouTube live streaming.


On the bright side businesses can Target YouTube live stream broadcast using AdWords for video ads. For small business the best option may be to target live streams in their area or people in their area who are watching live streams and let it go at that.


For the more adventurous businesses there is the option of having a YouTube live stream that broadcasts from their business location. An analogy might be having a local radio station do an on-site broadcast from your business location when you're having a special event for a sale.


I think that this is another opportunity for enterprising Channel owners who are able to live stream to provide this service to clients just like the radio stations do. The radio station can do there audio live stream on their radio station and reach the radio audience well the YouTube live streaming Channel can reach the online audience.


Since YouTube Works equally well across all devices a live stream he is a potentially good way to reach people during Google's "moments that matter" when they are out and about searching for something to do or a specific product or service to buy. I am not sure how Google or YouTube would count such an on-site broadcast in terms of product placement advertising but that is definitely a topic for more research.


I will be doing some more research on this topic and posting here. If you want to follow my progress on YouTube this is the channel that is enabled for live streaming.

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