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Women In Business

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So it's American Women's Business Day, and I have a few questions for the ladies out there...


Did you feel it was harder to start out freelancing or starting your agency as a woman?  Do you feel like PPC/SEO is still a "man's world"?


For me, I don't think being a woman held any disadvantage for me.  I also don't think it had anything to do with my successes so far.  Truly, I think, whether a man or woman the key is perseverance.  You just can't stop moving or give up.  I do think that the agency world is still dominated by men -- But they seem accepting of women?  I'm not sure why there aren't more women in the field....  It also seems that Google itself is pretty fairly balanced.  I happen to work with more women at Google than men!


Tell me about your world.

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