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Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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A lot of times we get asked about our favourite ad extension, or our favourite reporting tool etc. Starting today, @Spencer_Wade and I are going to embark on a mini-series to get to the root of why people use Google Adwords.


For some of you, it might be because it is how you make a living at an agency or in-house . Some of you might use Google Adwords as a small business owner and just use what is necessary within your means or knowledge of the product.


Having said all of that, my question to the Google Partner Community is "Why do you use Adwords?"


Mike Blackmore - 1 Click Away From a Conversion
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Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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Thanks @Mike Blackmore for getting the conversation going. To your question "Why do you use Adwords?"

I immediately found the AdWords system to be pretty easy to understand, and navigation, with a little practice, became almost second nature to me. "I still learn something new everyday" So, the transparency of the system was probably my initial attraction, but the real payoff for me, over time, came from the sense of instant gratification AdWords gives me.

Patience is a virtue, and we could all use more of it, but in the fast-paced world of online marketing only AdWords delivers the data I need to analyze my campaigns in a time-frame that allows for real-time strategizing. I get a real thrill from seeing the results of my efforts reported so quickly and thoroughly.

Instant gratification is usually painted in a negative light, but when it comes to marketing there is nothing better. With AdWords, I get the results I want at the speed I expect. It is like they designed the system just for me.

Thanks for starting the conversation.

How about everyone else? Why do you use Adwords?

Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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I started it b/c I wanted a new challenge (almost 10 years ago). At the time, we worked with all types of SEO/SEM... Anything digital. About 7 years or so ago, I decided that I *loved* Adwords. We dropped everything else and started focusing exclusively on Adwords. So, why do I use Adwords? Because I find it fun. And, work should be enjoyable!

Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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Thought that I would join in this one.


The automotive industry came to a crossroad in 2005 here in Canada where dealers finally, for the most part, all invested into a website. This meant that the days of publishing a website and having 5 or 6 stores internet traffic had come and gone.


Dealers were finally fighting to keep their spot and they were getting more and more internet leads if you held a top spot in Google.


At this point we had one client that would always purchase anything that we suggested, so we pitched him to switch half his newspaper budget for a month which totaled 5000$/month.
(5000$ per month back then felt HUGE!)


Our client loved the idea and responded ''let's do it'' this is where my love affair with AdWords began. Of course we had no AdWords team or product so this meant a few late nights building and optimizing campaigns.


This is where I decided to specialize myself in AdWords.

Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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This is a great topic of conversation. 


Let's see.... why do I work with AdWords?


I grew up in a family that operated small businesses and performed a variety of work for other businesses, too. One of the things was to create store fronts, signage and marketing assets (logos, print goods, etc.). This was way before the internet / world wide web of the mid-nineties. I was involved in creating these brand assets (plus consumer products) and quickly became involved in website design and computer designs, which lead to being involved with search engine optimization techniques, business pages on MySpace and listing companies in search engines.


Overtime, my attention shifted to finding a better way to harness the power of the internet to help micro-to-small businesses compete in a field dominated by big business. Enter AdWords.


AdWords was a fascination at first that quickly grew into a happy place for me since I could yield solid results and my clients could absolutely see the returns. As a novice (around 2004), I spent time playing with different parts of AdWords and testing it against other promotional techniques (that is what it was to me when I started).


After a few years, I viewed it as a major tool in my secret chest of weapons (lol). I tried to keep it all to myself and viewed it as a breakthrough advertising platform that I really, really liked. I spent a few more years bouncing back and forth from AdWords, the other search engine's ad systems, social media ad systems, and traditional advertising... and created an internal database of tests & trials and found certain things that simply worked and worked really well in AdWords and found myself using it more and more over the others.


I started digging in further and reading a vast amount of resources on it while I spent my main time developing website and alpha-testing software for Microsoft, building desktop computers and developing & advertising on Facebook. 


Somewhere around 2012, I started focusing in on Google and specifically AdWords as a platform to master. I found the Google Partners community on G+ late-2013 and spent about a year reading all I could on GP on G+ (and anywhere else I could find an article) and studying more and more on AdWords, playing with practice test, etc.. while having fun and using AdWords for clients.


Sometime around mid 2014 I decided it was time to join GP and take my AdWords career more seriously and truly harness what I have learned over the many years, so I joined GP and interacted on the threads of those I deemed as the best in the field.... those Google Partners.


Soon I felt comfortable and started posting my own content there, sometimes heavier than I should have (lol), but found my place and found that I had great respect & affection for AdWords and that I leaned on it for clients far more than I realized over the past 12 years. As a designer and developer, AdWords just makes sense to me and makes me enjoy working with it. 


Okay... okay... to the point... why do I work with AdWords?


AdWords does for me today what it did for me way back... it helps me help micro-to-small businesses compete in a field dominated by big business. With AdWords, it is not about the size of the company but about effectively leveraging the strength of AdWords to yield the best results for a client. It's like a two-man army waging war with a country... and winning! This is what makes AdWords so fun for me and so worthy of my time. And AdWords works, which is what makes it worthy of my client's money. AdWords is also flexible and under constant change, which is something I prefer as it keeps me on my toes.


This is why I work with AdWords!



Why do you work with AdWords? 

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Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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I started using AdWords as research for a series of articles I was writing On how independent music and film people could promote themselves on the web and at least to some extent compete with the major labels and studios.

I have always had a thing for trying to help the underdog and Edwards seemed great for this purpose . I did almost exclusively video and display ads for a long time . Then I decided to make into a business and included small businesses in my client roster.

I came up with the model of being a one stop web shop that provides web design search engine optimization content strategy in social network management as well as ad words advertising . I still think this is the best thing for small to midsize businesses.

Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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Badged Google Partner
It allows me to help small businesses compete in the market efficiently, effectively and affordably. No other platform lets you match user intent with successful conversions. So many small business are surprised by the results and wonder why they had not started sooner.

Re: Why Do You Work with AdWords?

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Why Do I Work With AdWords?

Because it is a platform that allows for a business owner to get the exposure that they need to find new customers.

It also integrates nicely with a local and organic SEO strategy and advise people that if they need an immediate solution to get their business seen online then AdWords is the way to go!