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What would you like to see changed in the AdWords platform/service?

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I received an email this morning from Google stating that some AdWords campaigns were about to expire. While I certainly appreciate these emails, they always come with a bit of frustration to me because I feel that they could easily include more information in the email that would make the email more beneficial to me.


This got me thinking that it might be nice to have a thread here in the community which outlines some recommendations that agencies have for Google to improve the AdWords product.


Here are the guidelines:

  • Only one suggestion/recommendation per post. This way it will be easy for the AdWords team to navigate the recommendations.
  • If you see a recommendation you agree with, go ahead and give it a star. This way the AdWords team can see which recommendations are most popular.


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Re: What would you like to see changed in the AdWords platform/service?

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More informative account alert emails.


As an agency, and like most of you here, we manage several accounts but the account alert emails that Google sends typically only provide the AdWords account number (CID) instead of the account name. Since not all of use have photographic memories and can remember the CID of each of the hundreds of accounts (or even just 3) we might be managing, having the account name, the campaign name and in some cases the ad group name included int he alert emails would make it easier for us to address the issues alerted int he email.


Yes, we can go and do a search for the CID but this creates additional steps that we wouldn't need to take if the emails included full information as to the account/campaign/ad group in question and provide a better user experience. Additionally, with the millions of notices that Google likely sends out in a month, it would also help to improve resource utilization since additional information in the alert emails would reduce the need for the CID lookup and in many cases even a need to look up the issue at all since an informative email would allow us to look at it and say to our selves, "Great, campaign XYZ for client ABC is ending as I scheduled it to, I can go ahead and finish my lunch." instead of "Oh crap, what the heck is ending and did I intend for it too!?!?"