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What do You Find Most Rewarding About Being a Marketer?

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Happy Wednesday Y'all.  What do You Find Most Rewarding About Being a Marketer?  For me, I enjoy speaking engagements.  I speak at an upcoming Small Business Conference for Underserved Communities on August 27th.  In the last 90 days I've spoken to fortune 500 managers, felons, homeless persons, high school students, and MBA students. I'm speaking at a techfest and a startup conference in September.  I teach coding to an elementary class... yes elementary... once a month.  


Conference locations are sometimes odd: strip malls, universities, food banks, hotels, and even motels.  Occasionally I travel.  The last speaking engagement outside of Texas was a multi-level marketing conference in Las Vegas (don't ask me why I said yes).  I left Vegas with $350 winnings!


I'm having a lot of fun.  Marketing is great, since being yourself is encouraged.  I wear Pokemon T-shirts with jeans to conferences (especially the ones where I speak at).  In the legal industry... not acceptable.  In the business world... not acceptable.  In marketing... it's okay.  At least I believe it is okay.  


What inspires you?  Smiley Happy 



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Re: What do You Find Most Rewarding About Being a Marketer?

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Hi @Tony_Guo,


Pokemon? $350 in winnings? 


Okay, you are a having almost-to-much-fun... Robot LOL ...and doing great things for your brand(s) while learning and sharing expertise. Keep being great, my friend.


I, too, am having a fabulous time and love my work, clients, studies, and the fun, as well. It's challenging at times, requires a flexibility in thinking and time management while creating unique solutions from proven strategies. It's always changing while always staying the same.  


Kind Regards,



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Re: What do You Find Most Rewarding About Being a Marketer?

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Both as an attendee and marketeer, I enjoy conferences and summits. Who doesn't enjoy talking about new developments and innovations outside of the office? A lot of times you get new perspectives, different approaches to experiment with at work, and an arsenal of additional resources.

If you get bored, there is always garfinkeling and debating the nuances of any given subject. The key is to keep an open mind and remember not to take things personally.

Re: What do You Find Most Rewarding About Being a Marketer?

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Great question @Tony Guo,

It being able to look at a business and helping them out in terms of audits, consultation, and making them aware of where their business is and where it could be.

I've also found that a big part of our job as marketers is being able to speak at engagements and this year has probably been the busiest in terms of speaking engagements.

I've spoken to franchise owners and traveled to San Antonio Texas, just recently spoke at the Tech Coast conference here in Jacksonville and just last week was at the SE Toyota Campus explaining what it is I do and preparing for another presentation I'm giving them about Google Drive, hehe, get this pun I'm talking to SE Toyota about Google "Drive" LOL, I still snicker every time I mention it.

Thank goodness I've hosted all of those Google Partners Connect events, they really got my speaking chops up to speed because if you can believe it or not I use to be terrified to talk in front of groups of people, now I can't stop talking!