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What I Look for In a Pay Per Click Hire?

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Happy Saturday Y’all. I interviewed 4 dozen candidates for our first PPC position at our agency. Here’s a list of things I learned.

From the hiring perspective.


Don’t interview candidates who are not certified. It takes a minimal amount of time to become certified. If the candidate is unwilling to put in the time, it suggests the candidate is not a good fit.


A candidate who is great at SEO is not necessarily great at PPC. AdWords is a different platform. You need experience on the platform. SEO candidates will try to convince you otherwise.


You will get a lot of applicants believing PPC is a form of social media. These candidates are not a good fit. 80% of applicants were better fit for social media positions. The skill set is different. I have not been able to turn a social media specialist into a ppc (I’ve tried with 4 people already)


Focus on characteristics and not accomplishments. Most accomplishments will not be applicable to a PPC specialist role. Characteristics such as being meticulous and on time are more important.


Offer a trial period. We had 3 candidates who on paper looked great, but were not the right fit for the company. You don’t know until you try.


From the candidate perspective.


Be on time. Especially important for a PPC position.


Be ready to answer questions regarding monthly spend, PPC platforms, industries, and how you learned PPC.


Take notes. The best advice I got in law school for interviews. Notes show that you are engaged and listening.


Ask about the company culture. The smaller the company the more important this is.


Ask to be paid (even during the trial period). You should not be doing PPC work for free. It’s also bad for the employer if you are not paid.


Use Google News to read a new topic about PPC. You want to be up to date with news.


That does it. Leave me a comment if you have questions. Good luck.



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What I Look for In a Pay Per Click Hire?

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Perfect timing as ill be in market to hire someone. 


Gotta follow up question. Do you allow the habits or characeristics of the person leaving the company influence who you hire? Im concerned doing so is neverending chasing the tail for a candidate better than the last guy.

What I Look for In a Pay Per Click Hire?

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Oh... most cases you won't find someone as good as the last guy since you trained the last guy.  Smiley Happy 


On a more serious note, we are such a small team that adding someone really affects our culture.  I'm careful to pick people who are responsible and on time.  There's nothing worst then when everyone is working hard... except for that one guy in the corner.  


For PPC, they have to extremely detailed.  You can tell by the notes they take (or don't take) at meetings.  The 90 day trial period has been extremely useful in finding out if it's a good fit.