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True View Ad Specs

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Today a client asked me for ad specs for Youtube ads.  My response was "a link to the youtube ad".  Video ads have gotten so simple that I really don't think of specific specs anymore for these ads... But, I guess there *are* some guidelines to pass along.  I usually recommend a call to action up front and longer than 30 seconds.


Google's recommendations are here.


What specs do you recommend?

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Re: True View Ad Specs

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As a general rule of thumb, we also make sure an opening grabs the viewer in the first 5 seconds. That can mean different things. I.e. it can be a stunning product feature showcased, or a contradictory claim by the testimonial from a client opening the video and instantly grabbing viewer's attention. If the video is designed to raise awareness, it just needs to make them not skip, if designed to drive sales, we kind of have their attention already, sort of.

Call-to-action in the end AND a soft one in the middle. No length limits, shoot for 35 seconds or so, but 1.5mins is acceptable, testimonials may need to be 4+ minutes long.

Do you overlay a CTA to drive them to site in 100% of cases @Shanee_Kirk ? Whether video campaign is performance or awareness play?

Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: True View Ad Specs

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Anything becomes "simple" when you're comfortable with it, right?  Smiley Happy  However, I still see that there can be great complexity when developing Video campaigns.  


I'm clearly going a bit beyond just specs here but I feel like there is a lot that can be taken into account when making recommendations.


Our recommendations generally start with a discussion around the campaign goals, desired campaign types and targeting. You can develop video collateral in many different ways depending on the overall goals. What are they looking to get out of the campaign? Is it branding, trying to capture views or is it direct response, or something more. These standard issue questions are definitely where we start and then we dig a little deeper into the available options to develop an overall plan for execution. 


The campaign types and targeting are a huge factor, IMO. In-stream ads are very different from In-Display or YouTube search, for instance.  Also, the Display network has even more possibilities. Then, what does the audience look like and how will it be targeted?  Will you target based on Topics, Keywords, Gender, Age etc...the options and combinations are quite extensive and there is no one size fits all approach (not that I've come across yet). Narrowing down the targeting and desired campaign types will also influence what we recommend.  


We try take as much of this preliminary information as possible into account when making recommendations and also when forecasting/setting expectations for YouTube campaigns.  We discuss important metrics and how we will judge performance. The available inventory with YouTube is quite large.  You can spend 100K in a couple of weeks and not make a dent in market share. Even with CPVs under 10 cents.


Depending on if they have developed the video content or not also will also change what we suggest - we like to be involved in the creative aspects as much as we can.


For instance, let's assume they have not created any videos yet. Some of the suggestions we'll make are:


- Standard inclusion of brand/messaging or hook within first 5 seconds and a strong conclusion with clear CTA.

- Appeal directly to your target audience.  

- Length is certainly debatable. In many cases, I'm not a fan of longer ads (over 30/45 seconds), unless there is something amazing happening in the video, the completion rates are just not there - not from what I've experienced. 

- Humor, if applicable goes a LONG way.

- Placement of important aspects within the video ( a logo or text ) should not occur where overlays or cards (if used) can appear. You don't want something important to disappear when an overlay is present.

- Always develop companion banners for In-Stream

- Also, we will always link up the accounts so we can get as much data as possible on performance.

- We also like to see that their YT channel is optimized as well - there are many little features and functions that do not cost a thing that one could make use of.


Ok, I've gone on long enough, hopefully there is a tidbit or two in here worthwhile to someone.  Smiley Happy









Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: True View Ad Specs

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Love it! Thanks, Tommy.

Glad to have you over here adding your two cents! Makes the conversation
that much richer!