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Tracking: UTMs vs URLs

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Good Morning Partners!


Was curious to many of you use UTMs for tracking vs. how many of you typically use descriptive URLs for tracking? I personally have found URLs easier to monitor when given the opportunity for certain campaigns (such as /google-ppc or /ppc-offer), but I know a lot of people use UTMs. (We use UTMs too, just depends on the situation and what we're tracking.)


What are your preferences and why? 


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Re: Tracking: UTMs vs URLs

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Hi @rachelle h,


I wanted to clarify a few things that will hopefully give you some insights on UTM's. UTM parameters will become really important when it comes to sharing of your content on social media.


They also work hand in hand with your URL's yet can track deeper into a page with other links. UTM codes let you track the performance of all links so then see where your traffic is coming from.


Three important things that UTM's help you know.

  1. Where - where did the traffic come from?
  2. How - how did it come
  3. Why - why did it come

UTM parameters provide extremely valuable insights about your traffic that can be used to leverage your business potential.

Check out the Campaign URL Builder if you want to try it out.

UTM's are never ending when you need to measure high traffic web content. Feel free to ask for anymore info!