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The "Khan" Phenomenon - Invalid leads increasing

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Hi All,


Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but we are noticing that the number of invalid clicks are increasing. We are receiving a multitude of form fills from what I'm assuming is either a bot or a hacker using the name "Khan". We recently received almost $1k in invalid clicks a few days ago, however the client is getting worried.


We do not have the IP addresses to block. I called Google and they basically said that invalid clicks will comb through twice to ensure that they are not charged, however I'm not sure if this will satisfy the client.


Has anyone else hear of this particular bot or had any experience with this? It looks like some are coming from GDN. 

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Re: The "Khan" Phenomenon - Invalid leads increasing

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Hi Rachelle,


Never fun playing with spammers! Sorry your having a bit of trouble.


Just to make you feel a bit better, AdWords is equipped with the megaton of all anti-click fraud programs. The algorithm is built with fully automated filters that work in real-time scanning for invalid clicks.


They also have Google’s Ad Traffic Quality Team to manually sift through once more while all this is done before you were billed. So rest assure that Google takes the topic quite seriously.


Here are a few good references that may help if you want to take your own approach -
Invalid clicks
About invalid traffic


Good luck

Re: The "Khan" Phenomenon - Invalid leads increasing

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I've seen this too. I had to call in about $800 of invalid phone calls in 5 minutes. After I called in, Google took the charges off.