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The price is right (hopefully)

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Author: Jeffrey Young

When you finally set up your own AdWords agency, you'll have to make a number of major decisions such as where to set up your office, whom to hire, which services to offer, and more. But perhaps one of the most important things you'll need to decide is how to price your services.

Especially in the early days, you'll need to walk a line between pricing your services too low to actually support yourself, and pricing them so high they scare away critical new clients. You also don't want to lose businesses to cheaper agencies. How do you go about setting prices for your services?

Bonus question: Do you publish your pricing on your company website? Why or why not?
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Re: The price is right (hopefully)

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I looked at pricing from a couple of different perspectiveS. I checked available dated to see what the national average was for advertising agency fees. I check the websites of other small digital agencies both in my area in nationally to see how they price their services . Finally I considered my market in the price point that seem to work for most of my advertisers without reaching any kind of pain point .

And we do publish our pricing on our website . That is actually something that Google lights to see and mentions in there working with third parties Document.