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Suspended Listing

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My Business listing was suspended about a month ago. Emailed them a copy of my Business trade ID and Business trade license 3 weeks ago at their request. Have called them at least 4 times since then. Get the same response every time I call. We're waiting for our engineering dept. to get back with us before we can do anything about it. There's either one heck of a backlog, I'm lost in the shuffle, or they have no intention of responding. Meanwhile I'm supporting this company by spending money on an Adwords campaign through a Google partner and they can't seem to find the time to even respond to my requests to be reinstated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Suspended Listing

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Hi Dave,


I am sorry to hear of your journey.


We have to break things down and realize that there are many reasons a business listing (Google My Business) profile can be suspended, so not sure what happened in your specific situation. Generally speaking that once you have reached out to support and they tell you they are working on it, they are and not much more can be done until they complete their actions. 


Also, spending money with AdWords is great for your business, if you are getting results with it... but it does not correct any actions with Google My Business since they are are separate systems.


With that said, let's try and figure a little more out with this.


1) How long ago did the suspension happen?

2) Do you know why is happened?

3) What industry are you in?

4) Why has the Google Partner not helped more or taken over the cause for you?


I do hope we can determine what the hold up is and get something moving for you.


Kind Regards,



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