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Should you stop selling SEO services?

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Author: Jeffrey Young

There's a recent post up on the Moz blog called "Why I stopped selling SEO services and you should too." The author has a number of examples to illustrate why SEO doesn't work the way it used to, and goes on to explain that what's going on is:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.14.19 AM.png

1. Users love the power of choice, and they trust brands rather than organic rankings


2. We are moving towards a "pay-to-play" era with Google results.



Don't worry, this isn't yet another "SEO is dead and the sky is falling"-type article, but it is a fascinating read.


Author: Kat Fitzsimmons

The emphasis has changed, I agree. Clients need to become aware of this and they always seam to be the last to know. In-bound content and reviews are leading the way at this time, would you guys agree?
Author: Dino Basaldella
Thanks for the share @Jeffrey Young. Many of these thoughts have been crossing my mind lately, but this person organized them for me! I just had a client say, "I want to rank for keywords x, y, z" in a very competitive vertical and I thinking to myself that this was not going to be a reality, but how do I tell him in a way that makes sense? Good article.
Author: Kerry Wagoner
I agree @Jeffrey Young Google is moving to more of a "pay to play" system if you want your brand or business on the 1st page - it's so obvious!  #momoney
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Re: Should you stop selling SEO services?

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Most of the searches done in this article will return product or business pages when done as a local search outside of a major metropolitan area. I mention this because A great many small to medium size businesses exist outside of major metropolitan areas . The observations made in the article about the SCO methods didn't work today are equally valid weather in metropolitan areas or outside of them but I just thought I would mention the discrepancy in the consistency of search results Depending on where they are done .

Re: Should you stop selling SEO services?

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Badged Google Partner
Great article and thanks for posting. IMHO think there will always be a need for SEO because a business who does not appear on page 1 could potentially be losing customers.