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Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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I am new to the web site way of advertising so I have taken my time to set up a web site that suits my needs and entered all the relevant key words with SEO that I wanted people to search for, but they can't find my site this way. The only way is by entering the url in full. What have I done wrong or have I just got to do something else? Please give me as much help as you can. Thanks

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Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Hi Roger,


This is a rather complex issue generally not covered here, but since I do have expertise in this area, I will provide some basics to get you going in the right direction. 


A new website can take time to be synced with Google's servers so it is not expected for a new website to immediately pull searches for keywords and search terms.


Once a small business creates a website, they must work on making that website a great user experience for visitors. How do they do that? They provide a well-structured website with relevant content presented on a fast-loading and mobile-responsive, modern website. It also must not have errors or issues that harm a visitor or that prevents Google from crawling your website. 


You should be using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to better understand what is happening with your website. 


Once Google Search Console is reviewed, let's check up on your site speed, mobile-friendliness and some SEO (search engine optimization) stuff. Let's see...


1) Connect your website to Google Search Console.

3) Run the Google Speed Test with this tool. Make sure you have a mobile score of 100 and good to great speed scores.

4) Run your site through this SEO score checker.

5) Visit Google Analytics and setup your website.


From here, you need to have a strong and consistent social presence that is updated with content related to your products & services. And you need to utilize a local online presence by being listed on local directories (YP, Yelp, BBB, etc.). And all of your online information needs to be consistent and correct (same name, address, phone number, etc.).

All of this will be a continual process of repeating the above steps 2-3 times per month for the life of your business.  


If it all seems too complex or more work than you want, you can use the Google Partners search tool to pick from badged Google Partners focused on website development. This system will provide you a safe and credible way to locate someone in your area... or anywhere in the world you wish to search.


Remember that a new website will take time to grow online, so you might want to use Google AdWords, which is a pay per click advertising platform. This can bring immediate attention to your business while you grow the website organically.  


Please let us know what you discover and enjoy the process.


King Regards,




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Re: Search Engine Optimization Queries Issue

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Hello James, thank you so much for the information you have given. I will study the tips and links in great detail and put them to good use straight away.

Once again thanks for great advice and help.

Kind Regards
Roger Hydes
Polaris Training Ltd
Mob: 07557475817
Tel/Fax:01622 671050

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