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Remove Product Price from Organic Results

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I have a client who is a distributor for a line of products in which he is not allowed to have the product price show in the organic search results.  currently the search results are all over the place. I did 4 search with different phrases and got 4 different description and in some instances it show price in the description and others the price was shown separately.


If there a way to get the organic search to only display the meta description which doesn't have the price listed?  The company is telling distributors they should use robots.txt file to remove the pages from search which is ridiculous.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Remove Product Price from Organic Results

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Hi @Richard D, it sounds as if the website has pricing listed on the webpages, which are being crawled by the search engines, which is precisely what we generally want with a website. 


You can control what pages are indexed by Google in the Google Search Console (old Webmasters). All websites should be set up in the Search Console so you can interact with Google and dial in performance, too. 


Google Search Console:

Use a Sitemap.

Use the Remove URL tool.

Use Sitelinks/Demote.


Further, using robots.txt will block the page entirely, which would also block it from being crawled and indexed... which is also what the Search Console options will do.


If your meta tags are set up properly, search engines will use it, but only if they are properly structured and at their choosing. 


To see if Google see the pages:

1) Go to Search Console and click on Crawl 
2) Select “Fetch as Google”
3) Click “Fetch & Render”

You should consider adding <meta name="robots" content="NOODP"> to your site's coding. This will prevent Google from using open source directories to populate your listing info. Google often uses descriptions provided by the Open Directory Listings, which this meta tag wil block.


It could be that Google is using old info from your site or a open directory listing. Use an XML sitemap and resubmit it. And use the Fetch as Google (above) and hit the submit to index option. Do these two steps AFTER you have properly set up meta descriptions.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes and/or if you need further assistance.





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Re: Remove Product Price from Organic Results

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I have a client that has this same issue. They cannot advertise pricing at all b/c they get very discounted pricing. So, they had to create an extra step between the pricing and the landing page. Basically, the user has to login to see the pricing. They *might* show MSRP on the landing page, but not the discounted price. So, since the log in not crawled, it doesn't show in the organic searches either. The product pages show, but not with pricing.