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Question: What Do You Do if an SMB is Worried about Cost?

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We asked SMBs what their concerns or needs are in finding a great digital marketing partner agency. We received a wealth of responses and whittled them down to those that were voiced by many. The first concern and real need was finding an agency that can offer affordable solutions.



How do you respond when a potential client is concerned about cost?

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Re: Question: What Do You Do if an SMB is Worried about Cost?

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We usually sit down with a prospect to discuss their needs and goals, and the potential benefit they might derive from engaging an agency like ours. If by paying us a client incurs a loss, then we can't generate sustainable income, and we won't want a client like that. An initial investment in labor into a prospective client only pays off in the long run, so we need clients that stay.

If we see that a client cannot afford agency services, we'll tell them that our core (full service) offering is not for them, we will attempt to carve out partial service that we can offer without operating at a loss ourselves. If that's not possible, we will advise such client in broad strokes a course of action to pursue. That's generally our approach.

Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Question: What Do You Do if an SMB is Worried about Cost?

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From my experience there are three types of cost

A- Highest (In most cases you are working with an agency that knows their stuff and your results prove it)
B- Workable (Willing to take a reduced fee, but in some cases when you reduce the fees you get reduced account attention.)
C- Lowest (You are immediately just called by number and not name and you have no idea what’s going on)

When spending money and relying on someone to make the decisions I would think you pay for the expertise.

All that really matters is ROI, that is the biggest disconnect on agency fees, ours can be completely competitive but when you add in all the extra processes to the monthly bottom-line it can feel as if agencies are pinching you when in reality its the company paying too many people and not living by the ROI standard, it you can’t prove it move to something you can. As agencies we have to prove it monthly!

You get what you pay for in this business, the best thing a SMB can do is focus on ROI and cut everything that can’t prove itself, if they do that and are fees seem petty.

This is an EricG analogy: If you went to Vegas and had 3 options to choose from, 1 being the best poker player, 2 being second best and 3 Just some random dude, who would you pay for guidance? Well if I am there to WIN, I will pick number 1 so they can help me beat #2 & 3 and they will charge me accordingly. As long as I am positive on my return, I am happy to make the payment.

I always find it funny that cost is an issue but when you ask for their cost for service they dont blink an eye when they tell you and it usually is inline with industry standards similar to ours.

Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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