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Partners Commute - Business Skills & Tips (3)

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How would you react to objections in a pitch or a meeting? Prepare your responses so you’re not caught out #PartnersDaily


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Partners Commute - Business Skills & Tips (3)

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Oh, this is a good one, @Krisha.


Communications in business are so vitally important. When confronted with a reply or inquiry you do not like - one should first understand that hostility, anger, upset or aggravation should never come into play.


And you should never react with emotions.


Actually, in most all business settings, emotions should be left at the door or mixed in with a ratio of 20% emotions and 80% analytical thinking (you don't want to be a robot, stiff, mechanical). The term emotional hijacking is a real action that takes place in our brains... and it shuts down intelligence. 


It is also important to listen and speak with strength and merit, don't make noise. Speak to respond, answer the questions given to you and always respect all opinions presented. Opinions can only be trumped by clear, concise facts... that are presented professionally with passion. 


If all else fails... learn from the experience by immediately writing down ten points about the meeting, what went right, what went wrong... and then look at that sheet for five minutes, once per day for one week and adjust your viewpoint each time... and watch how vast your thoughts will be through the process.


In the end, you will have a great understanding of your meeting... and yourself. Use it all to improve and sharpen your skills... and then... go hit your next meeting and knock it out of the park!


All the Best,



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