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PPC Partnership Questionnaire – Agency to Client

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There are few things more important to the success of a business relationship than transparency. The free and open exchange of data, opinion, and creativity goes a long way toward reaching whatever goals you have set together. This is especially true during the first meeting with a potential client. They will have plenty of questions of their own for you, so be sure to take full advantage of this initial opportunity to find the answers you need to turn the campaign into a stellar success.


All of the answers needed to hit a home-run with their campaign are available at the first meeting. Many times the right questions are required to coax the relevant data out of your potential client, but it is imperative to remember that this is not a conscious choice on their part. They are not being obstinate. It is human nature to paint anything we have a personal stake in in as rosy a hue as possible. Never fear though. Below we have listed some specifically targeted questions designed to get the answers you need without the badgering your client does not.


These questions are a guide to work from, and are intended to inform…not lead. Use them, chop them up, mix them with your own. Whatever works for you in the end to get what you need while the getting is good is what matters. So, take a look at the following:


1. Do you have an in-house solution or vendor currently, and, if so, what is the problem?

2. Are you prepared financially to compete in the marketplace?

3. How often can we meet to plan a strategy, implement its use, and coordinate our efforts?

4. How do you measure success? ROI? CTR? CPC?

5. What would be your definition of a successful campaign?

6. How does your company currently measure ROI?

7. What can we do to most-effectively communicate your values to the public?

8. Given your choice, what media properties are you interested in and why?

9. What are your geographical limitations? How far do you travel to perform your service/sell your goods?

10. Currently what social media sites are you using?

11. Do you have any policies in place, or incentives in play, that encourage employees to produce content for social media focused on your goods and services? Your community involvement? Your “humanity”?

12. Do you have a social media manager?

13. How do you address poor reviews, derogatory remarks, etc. about your company in print or online? Do you have a structured system for response generation in place?

14. Who are you looking to sell goods and services to? Do you have a “bullseye” demographic?

15. Do these customers have any known, recognizable patterns to their purchasing?

16. Taken as a group, do your best customers have anything in common?

17. Who is your average day-to-day customer?

18. Are there potential customers you have identified but failed to reach?

19. Is there a specific benefit for the public in your goods and services? Do you help people? How?

20. What is the main difference between you and your competition? What sets you apart? USP


Looking at ways to make the team more successful, have anything to add to the list? Feel free to jump in! 

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 


Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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PPC Partnership Questionnaire – Agency to Client

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Great list, Spencer. Thanks for posting.