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New Post on Fixing Sitelinks

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Happy Thursday Advertisers,

Most of my articles have been relating to small businesses before today, as it's a subject dear to me.

Call-Only Ads: The Digital Gateway

Demystifying Website Call Conversions

Upcoming Features that Small Businesses Should Care About


However, I just posted an article on fixing sitelinks, titled Fixing Sitelinks (how fitting Smiley Tongue)


I wanted to because it's an issue that's common. There's so many gears that turn that makes AdWords turn, I empathize when an advertiser is stuck as I was there too. Thousands of cases necessitates mental workflows for troubleshooting, however, and I wanted to share what goes through my mind for this particular issue. 


Hopefully this gives you an idea how to think like a specialist. Always think what can go wrong and you'll feel like Sherlock Holmes before you know it.


In your opinion,

How important are sitelinks to advertisements?

What are some of your best practices for awesome sitelinks?


Always so insightful to hear the unique perspectives our advertisers share.

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Re: New Post on Fixing Sitelinks

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One of the main goals we have when optimizing AdWords accounts is to USE Sitelinks in any which way possible.

As in populate every category of Sitelinks you can. So as an advertiser you want to meet up with your agency and go over every possible way to deploy Sitelinks. We see considerable lift (increase) in Click Through Rate when Sitelinks are present on an impression. Such lift in CTRs translates into better QS and thus lower Cost Per Click.

It is a good idea to review Sitelinks performance in detail (by Ad Group) to understand what drives your prospects' interest.

Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: New Post on Fixing Sitelinks

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Thank you, @Tom W for more great info for members to find and utilize. 


Personally, I am a big advocate of Sitelinks and make sure to use them in Adwords for my clients. I cannot stress how great they are for anyone not putting them to work. For just a few minutes of time, Sitelinks bring a much larger footprint to the ads,  a better conversion rate and a better experience for the shoppers. So easy to add and a super great boost, too.


Have a great Friday and be Google great!

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