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5.7K members online now
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New PPC Project

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Happy Thursday Y'all.  I can't wait for the weekend.  I got my PPC video/quiz learning platform project approved this week.  It's a project I've been trying to get funding for a while. Our investors approved it yesterday. it should be up in 60 days!  


Here's the technical details:


Technical Requirement Document


PPC Online Education


June 2016


General Website & Front-End Considerations:
Functionality Summary
Super Admin
Member System
Emails and Notifications
Detailed Functionality Features
Leaderboard of players
Technology and Tools
Timeline and Estimation
Development Resources


This website will be an online education platform helping members to learn about PPC. With this amount of content, we will build the platform on the cloud. We will create a signup/login for the user. The user will be able to attend various topics and courses. There will be quizzes with questions and answers at the end.


General Website & Front-End Considerations:


Simplified User-Experience
Reduce Redundancies in Forms/User-Journeys
Implement Responsive Design
Admin Features to Generate Courses
Question and Answers Engine
Member Platform to Login and Answer Questions
Predefined Milestones
Video Library


Functionality Summary


Super Admin:

Super Admin login
Allow to create courses
Allow to create Question/Answers
Question Answer
Multiple Choice
Descriptive Answer
Video Explanations
User List
Manage User Submitted Content
View Reports
Member System
Add members
Edit members
Postpone memberships
Delete members
Manage Registrations/Login
General Feed of Member Activity
Reset Password Protocol for Members


Emails and Notifications


Email Auto Responses with Progress & Updates on Courses
Email Marketing Capabilities
Integration with Constant Contact or MailChimp
Email when User Signs Up
Email the Results as Certificates
Email User Rankings and New Courses


Functional Features


Front End SiteMap
Signup User with Basic Details
Facebook/Google Plus Login/Signups
Forget Password and Email Recovery
List of all courses

Select the Course and Start Education(Test)

All the question will be listed after the video 

Correct answer will take user to next question and give them points
Wrong answers end the test and ask user to rewatch the video.
If user pass the full test , will take user to next level.
Contact Us


Extra content Feed



Content Management System


Since we have several pages, we will create a backend system that allows content modification and generation. Content will be easy to modify and update.


SEO Friendly


Website will be SEO Friendly.


Responsive Website


Website will be responsive.


Technology and Tools


Website will use PHP/mysql. Both are web based technologies and will provide security and flexibility in development.




PHP (Backend Programming language)
Apache (Web Server)
Mysql (Powered by Oracle based Database)
CodeIgniter (MVC PHP Framework for better modeling and development)
Jquery / Angularjs (Client-side Javascript Libraries for Front-end)
HTML5 / Bootstrap Framework (For Front-end Design and responsive Layouts)


Project Services

Estimation of Time

Project Planning and Meetings

1 Week


Wireframe/Storyboard Design


Graphic Design

User-Experience Implementation

UI Design

Home & Secondary pages


  • Dashboard Design Concepts
  • Secondary Page Layouts

Delivery & Direction to Development

1 Week

System Architecture & Development

  • System Architecture / Wireframes
  • PHP Programming
  • Implementing Designs & Content
  • Quality Assurance & Testing

5 Weeks

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Re: New PPC Project

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# 2
Top Contributor Alumni
Interesting concept but why not just use an established platform like Udemy?

Re: New PPC Project

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Explorer ✭ ✭ ☆
Sounds like you are just starting to explore some of the details. In regard for simplifying user experience, I would strongly encourage auto complete forms. There are also certain benefits to allowing new users to sign up and in using Facebook / Google. Once they have their profiles set up, you can use JQuiry to pass along info to different areas of the website and for tracking.

I would also suggest you look at alternative to Bootstrap, since the CSS is bulky and might impact pagespeed.

Re: New PPC Project

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# 4
Participant ✭ ☆ ☆
Investors... like burning money. I'm kidding of course...

Re: New PPC Project

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# 5
Participant ✭ ☆ ☆
Great link. Thanks. I'll check it out. You are right about Bootstrap. Valid point. Our developers like it.... that's the only reason I have it in these documents. Smiley Happy

Re: New PPC Project

Top Contributor
# 6
Top Contributor

Great setup, @Tony_Guo.


Maybe add in something about CPanel... and possibly domain name setup & management? 


Spend that investor money and have fun doing it, my friend! Robot Happy





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