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Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 23.55.58.png 

- a quote from a recent TechCrunch  piece.


I cater to the crème de la crème of my client’s prospects with ‘performance campaigns.’ The campaigns are called ‘performance’ because they offer visibility to the last stage of a prospect’s journey immediately prior to becoming a lead or a sale. Those prospects are considered top notch as they unambiguously self-prequalify on Google Search Engine as “ready to buy” a product or service my client offers with the searches they tirelessly type into the search bar until they find precisely what they want.


Provided my team and I can correctly interpret their search intent and serve the crème portion of the prospects ready for conversion with the right messaging, we make possible the perfect match between a consumer seeking exactly what they want and an advertiser offering exactly that.


My clients know well how much they want to pay for a chance to present their message to the perfect prospect – somewhere around the $lifetime $customer $value minus a %desired %profit %margin divided by average closing rate – that’s what they’ll pay for a click from a prospect like that. Because when matched with the right message at the “ready to buy” moment, in other words when a performance campaign is well executed, those prospects convert. In scores.


I am also a person who went through a great college where I had a chance to get acquainted with many disciplines prior to choosing a major of focus, which ended up being the irresistible science of Marketing (and Finance, I love numbers too).


So when I work on AdWords campaigns for a client, I start with the basics. Asking and answering the questions, which are best quoted from a recent 10 x more popular than an average feedly article from Tech Crunch.


Here is an excerpt:


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 23.30.11.png



















It only makes common sense to consider who the target audience is (1), because blue widgets appeal differently to men, women or teenagers for example. As a marketer and an AdWords person I have imaginary conversations answering questions, delivering the best message in my ad copy (2) about blue widgets to those very different audiences. Clients look to my team for an advice whether a sales promo, direct marketing, publicity, advertising, or direct sales (3) would be best to max out the blue widget’s potential reach from early to later stages of buying consideration. They consult with us on how best to present the blue widget message (5). I.e. do we run text or image ads on Display Network? Will animated blue widget ads jive with the blue widgets' brand identity? And finally what’s the best way to measure success, how do we count ROI (6). I can and do offer my practical experience and the theoretical knowledge up when deciding on the strategy together with my clients in light of those major brand-wide considerations; as well as specific tactics as applied to a specific channel: Google Search Engine.


Tech Crunch article also says:


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 23.55.58.png 

-Maybe. I will not argue with that. And proceeds to argue that this made a lot of marketing professionals lose sight of what’s important and advise clients on lopsided approach focusing solely on measurable digital.


But there is something to be said about the certainty and reliability of direct metrics and the conclusions a smart marketer can base on them to later extrapolate onto the less certain non-performance data.


We consider performance campaigns’ direct metrics an indicator of the user behavior and intent on other channels and mediums. If it is the females that convert in a performance campaign setting, then chances are the female population will also be the most interested in this brand’s display and video initiatives. Do you agree?


How do you align overall marketing message of your clients with every one of the marketing initiatives you run on their behalf?

Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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