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Leads, Leads and More Leads

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Leads are the link between your marketing efforts and making sales. Thy represent the potential client who has expressed interest. Good, solid leads are golden. Where do you get yours? I have heard a couple Partner,s as well as one of my clients, say that they are at least experimenting with buying leads from various companies who make a living at acquiring them (with mixed results). I signed up for the Thumbtack website and have gotten a couple emails from them with potential leads but I have not convinced myself that they are worth the $79 minimum investment in credits that they want.


But leads have to come from somewhere if you want to be in business. Either you go out and gather them yourself or you hire someone to do it for you (if you are one of the techie peeps without sales acumen). Telemarketers can be expensive though if you hire them locally. I have had some success with hiring a freelancer to do some web related jobs while I do sales and I am planning on doing some experimenting with hiring a telemarketing freelancer.


My logic is that I do not have the time or opportunity right now to do many public speaking gigs (where most of my clients used to come from) and the word of mouth thing is a bit slow, If I really want to grow I have to get a steady source of qualified leads and telemarketing seems to be the next best option after personal appearances and cold calling in the prospects office. I still believe face to face in some form is the best but telemarketing is probably second.


Of course not all telemarketing is created equal. As a consumer myself I HATE robodialers and would never use one. I also hate telemarketers who read a script to me. I also dislike telemarketers who do not take the time to actually look at my website and see that I design websites and do SEO and PPC advertising before trying to sell me those things...


So my challenge is to find telemarketers who know the web and what I do and who can explain that to potential clients in a friendly, one on one sort of exchange without being any of the negative things I listed above and the second challenge is to make it affordable. Of course if the telemarketer creates a positive ROI then their pay is an investment.


How do you gather leads? I am mostly talking to the sales shy folks who love the technical side of the web. Have you tried any of the methods listed here? If so, how did it work out for you? 



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Re: Leads, Leads and More Leads

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Badged Google Partner
All of my leads are generated by either social media marketing, online events (hangouts), word of mouth referrals from former clients or contacts and software that retrieves Twitter Tweets and Facebook posts using keywords and negative keywords programmed in to the dashboard.

My theory with leads to always be looking for them.