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Incentives For Training Partners

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Hello all, I give alot of talks for GPC & GYBO here in Idaho. Today at the Small Business Week event I had several companies with interest for joining as a Partner. Seeing as I am an educator I want to help them get up to stuff, so I am not the only 5pecialist. Therein lies the issue though as helping them to acquire partnership will or may hurt our agency by creating a competitor. 

Is there any current incentive for Partners to offset that issue, or a program that better fits my desire to help those companies?


Thank you, 

JP Chastain

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Re: Incentives For Training Partners

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Hey JP,

As you know I am not Google, just thought I would jump in and bite the line. 

You make a great point, I too spent sometime a few months back helping an agency, it felt wonderful to help get someone to the next level, but what you said at the end was spot on, if you are looking at developing a training platform of sorts to help others, you might have something there. The issue is if you are running an agency and helping add more competition to your market that wont help your businesses bottom-line in the long run, but it does place you as a industry leader. The choice here is really do you want to expand your agency growth or expand your education growth.

From my knowledge there is no incentive on bringing new people to the process, it really depends on your personal goals, do you want to be an educator or an agency or both. 

Just wanted to jump in, hope your business week goes well! 


Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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