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How to Determine You Need a Lawyer - Marketing Edition.

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Happy Tuesday Y'all.  Let's talk about lawyers.  They are an expensive, but necessary part of running a marketing agency.  Lawyers act as shields and swords against competitors.  Common reasons you may need a lawyer in marketing : clients disagreements, employee discrimination on the job, incorporation of your business, drafting of client agreements/contracts, tax issues, collection related issues, and sale of assets.  


You don't have to involve an attorney in every legal matter.  However go over these questions when determining if you do need one. 


-How is calling and what do they want?  

-Why are they calling?

-Are you being sued? 

-Can it be resolved in small claims court?

-Is it easier to settle outside court?


Cost depends on what you need, but these are my general suggestions.  


- Negotiate a fixed cost; this will motivate the lawyer to work in a timely fashion.

- Do not go with an hourly cost; cost will ballon.  

- Ask friends and family for recommendations. 

- Read attorney reviews online. 

- Meet in person; you will know within ten minutes whether the lawyer can handle you case.

- Speak to the lawyer and not their assistant.  

- Once a lawyer is hired, do not contact the plaintiff for any reason.

- Know the issues and law before you meet the lawyer.

- Begin collecting documentation before you meet the lawyer.  


Hopefully this helps.  Leave "general" questions in the comments.  I'd be more than happy to answer.