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How do you think the Google Assistant in ALLO and Google Home will affect PPC?

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Google-Allo-App-for-Android.jpgGoogle Assistant & PPC

With Google recently launching ALLO and soon to be releasing Google HOME, pretty exciting times!


How do you think the addition of these assistant bots will affect Pay-Per-Click moving forward?


I am already seeing my wife, voice search everything in ALLO and my suspicion is that we will see Ads sooner than later.

Mike Blackmore - 1 Click Away From a Conversion

Re: How do you think the Google Assistant in ALLO and Google Home will affect PPC?

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(Purely from a Historical Standpoint)

With any new programs or platforms that Google launches ( Historically), they usually wait  a significant amount of time before they apply the Adwords Advertising to the program.   Gmail, GMB, Maps all took years before the first ads appeared.  Like any other successful program they want to get maximize the number of users into the system, get them ingrained into the system, and get them to use the system on a regular basis as part of their daily routine.  Then they whip out the ads a few years down the road.  If the program reaches the 3 year existence phase, gets to the 5 year mark, then I would expect to see Adwords Ads inherent into the display features of the program.


That is also not to say that, they may change some of the search results features to take you directly to a Mobile search page, that already shows the ads.  In the beta version some results went directly to a search page ( with ads) other displayed the answers confined within the program itself, no ads.


Mobile Strategy to Cover your Bases

The long run strategy would to still align yourself with a Mobile conscious strategy as Mobile is over taking Desktop, Mobile GPS targets the customers correctly ( the change in removing location ability  cica dec 2015 in desktop to track by IP - was another nail in the Desktop coffin).


Also the recent announcement of making the Mobile Index the primary index and Desktop search a "older or stale" not updated as much Index.  Add to that AMP and the writing is on the wall for all things MOBILE, so the Allo and even Goggle Home would apply the same Mobile strategy ( instead of  program specific).


But then again What do I know Smiley Happy