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How do campaigns go over budget?

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I'm always looking up "backup" material to help prove my statements/opinions/decisions to clients.  Today, I had a client ask how we were over budget, when we clearly had a budget set that would put us within the limits.


Did you know that Adwords can automatically spend up to 20% over your budget?  In theory, they do this to cover the days you *don't* hit your budget.  At the end of the month you should be credited for any true overage... In the particular account that I was looking at, there was no credit.  Hmmm.


Overbudget Google Help Article

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Re: How do campaigns go over budget?

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Hi @Shanee_Kirk I've not seen Campaigns go over budget without a reason, usually that the daily budget itself was changed - even for a short period - during the month.  In honesty, if this was happening with any regularity at all, we'd know about it as the boards would be full of screaming users Smiley Happy


I always use a script to control fixed budgets, which gives a lot more flexibility and is more "transparent" in its operation...



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Re: How do campaigns go over budget?

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Fellow script user here (specifically, I do use Jon's budget scripts) - Scripts are absolutely the way to go for consistent budget use and management.


In that entire Help Center article, it seems each paragraph has the caveat that the daily budgets must remain consistent and the ads much continually be running - that's too much to ask from me.  Smiley Happy Also, I'm a bit neurotic about budgets and spend so I check them regularly to ensure I'm within the range of spend I'm supposed to be.


Ever since I've started using budget scripts, the only time I've had issues regarding overspending was when I made an error in setting the budget in the script. When everything is set up properly, the end of month spend is right on point.



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