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Happy New Years - Things to Look for in 2017

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Happy New Year, Y'all.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday.  Here's somethings to look forward to in 2017.  


Machine Learning for Keywords


Google has become more advance in determining searcher intent. This is due to Machine Learning. Google still gets confused over nuances, but it can now read like a middle schooler. Machine Learning is part of Google’s future; they are already working on understanding metaphors and rhetoric. Natural Language Voice Search will be a trending topic for PPC specialist in 2017.


Mobile Strategy.


Mobile makes up the majority of search traffic today. It’s not enough to be on mobile… you have to think of it has a different platform. Have a clear mobile search strategy. Create mobile specific campaigns with compelling landing pages. Test new mobile versions of your website. Understand what a multi-visit buyer journey is like for your clients. To dominate mobile search you must experiment. Screen size does matter.


Video Search


More and more clients are asking for video. It’s not enough to post the video, you have to advertise it as well. Youtube’s analytics have integrated with AdWords (no surprise). Youtube search is a new frontier; there is less competition and more area to experiment (since it’s cheaper). Video search is not going anywhere.


Personalized Search


I’m not entirely sure what the direction of this will be for PPC. Should be interesting to see in the future whether the extent individuals will see different results based on past search behavior.


VR, Augmented Reality, Voice Search


All three provide new types of ads and ways to reach clients. They are still pretty new and may not offer a real opportunity until the end of the year. It reminds me of mobile search in 2008 when it was first beginning.


What are you excited about in 2017? I hope everyone has a great 2017!