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Google Partner Spotlight: Ryan Gaddy

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Get to know your fellow community members! Meet @Ryan G, a midwestern digital storyteller. 





How do you explain what you do to someone who is unfamiliar with AdWords?

I get asked that all the time by family, friends, and contacts at networking events, and I've learned there's no really easy way to explain it. There will always be follow up questions, so I try to lead with something clever like I am a digital storyteller, data scientist or digital brand evangelist. There's no better lead in than that.


I think most people are still unaware that ads display during their search results or websites they visit, so it's an eye-opener for them. With their ears perked up, I can talk all day about what tools and levers I pull to espouse the virtues and benefits of my clients.


What is a professional milestone you hope to achieve, and how will you get there?

I want to be a catalyst to bringing more minorities into digital marketing and contributing to the success of businesses. When you attend conferences, read blogs, or see lists of the most influential people in marketing, it's usually one note. Being that our industry is so young and evolving, I think the time is now for more minorities to get involved and become thought leaders in this industry.


The beauty is that that path into digital marketing varies from individual to individual. I know people who have degrees in marketing to psychology. Some have never heard of adwords or online marketing until they got their foot in the door. My goal is to see young men and women from my personal tree of connections raised up to be leaders. I connect with the best and brightest through online communities, college fairs, and networking events, as well as providing an example of how my profession has benefited me and my family. I hope to one day host a conference for all marketing professionals but that is geared toward the minority voice.


What is the best AdWords-related advice someone ever gave you?

Be curious. After doing this for a while or working with the same client, it’s easy to grow stagnant. It’s important to always remain innovative and curious about improving yourself and the accounts you manage. Success isn't just predicated on what you do alone, but also on adapting and reacting to what our partners such as Google Adwords is doing, or to what your competition is doing. It's imperative to stay ahead of the game in order to stay on top.


Besides AdWords, what is your favorite Google product or tool, and why?

I really lean upon Google Plus quite heavily. I use the different social media platforms for various purposes, whether it’s to stay in touch with college friends or business connections; but G+ has another niche. It’s less cluttered than other sites, and I find that the people I interact with in communities such as Partners are genuinely interested in that subject matter. That makes for better conversations, less filler, and connections built on mutual interests.


Who would you like to trade lives with for a day?

Within the industry, perhaps Brad Geddes. His experience and wisdom in this profession knows no bounds. He is the ultimate authority on PPC and has helped many businesses to profitability through consulting, training and lecturing.


Outside: MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Who doesn’t love a beer drinking foul mouthed Irishman? One day in his world may be all that I can handle but I would soak it up.



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Re: Google Partner Spotlight: Ryan Gaddy

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Beautiful stories you tell, @Ryan G.

Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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