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Google Partner Connect Events 2017

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Google Partner Connect Events 2017


My digital marketing agency competes against some of the world’s powerhouses every single day, in one of the nation’s largest cities. How do we do it? Well, aside from having talented people on my team, we long ago decided our best opportunity for real, lasting success was by becoming a Google Partner. But, more than that, we formulated all of our policies, strategies, and systems to seamlessly mesh with Google’s own best practices.


Leveraging the power of one of the world’s largest companies has allowed us to take on projects and roles we would not have thought possible, and to excel in every area where they have offered assistance. For example, Google Partner Connect Events have allowed us to use Google’s power for our own purposes. These events are organized around a specific vertical and its online advertising possibilities, and led by some of the most influential thought leaders in that industry. Literally, the best and brightest share their thoughts with your current and potential clients via a live-streamed event you can host anywhere you choose - as long as you have the capability.




The next event is this Wednesday, March 15th and is dedicated to real estate discussions with two incredible guests. Don't worry if you weren't able to get the list filled this time, just use this post as a outline to fill the seats on future events. All an agency needs to do is invite 10-15 potential or current clients to a specified location with plenty of time before, and after, the scheduled start time for refreshment, discussion, and networking. The events are normally about 40 minutes long, and if you’ve created a landing page and have more than 5 registered attendees, you can get a viewing kit from Google with totes containing gifts for your guests. This is great because your attendees will get a pen and notepad they can use to write down questions about the event. That provides the smoothest transition from event streaming to Q&A session.


Google provides more than just their name when you become a Partner Agency. They provide targeted, actionable assistance if you’re willing to take advantage of it. When all of the event details are taken care of, and all you’re required to do is sign up, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Put your agency in a whole new light without breaking the bank, and impress potential clients with your access to knowledge and insights from Google itself. You’ll quickly see that Partner Connect Events can pay dividends for you and your clients. Not to mention, in a marketplace full of mystery, you can educate your clients about new digital marketing avenues they may have missed - and you currently offer. It’s anyone’s definition of a win-win scenario.


I hope this helps some of you plan for future Partner Events. 

Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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