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Google Opens Up: Allows Auditors Access To Prove AdWords PPC Advertising Works

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Badged Google Partner

As an AdWords agency I'm sure you have heard the question, "How Do I Know Google AdWords Ads Work?"


In an effort to "show" business owners that PPC advertising works they have allowed the Media Rating Council to dig in deep and find out for themselves.


Excerpt From The Article:


Google said an auditor will vet its processes to ensure advertisers get what they pay for.

‘If advertisers want to use our platforms, our stuff should be accredited, audited, and trustworthy.’BABAK PAHLAVAN

Google plans to let the Media Rating Council see how third-party ad-measurement companies gather data on YouTube ad performance. The council will also get access to data for ads placed on sites across the web through Google’s two automated ad-buying platforms, AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.


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