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Ghost form fills from the other side

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ghost.pngHi Guys,


Have any of you ever dealt with form fills from people who are deceased? I hate to put it so bluntly, but I can't figure out a better way to say it.


We have a client that we have designated landing pages created for all their PPC campaigns. Once someone hits the page and if they don't fill out the form, there's a link at the bottom of the landing page for them to flow through to the rest of the site which have UTM codes to another actual website form fill.


Our landing pages are working out great and are NOT getting spammed, however some spammers are either finding the UTM-coded URLs on the client's actual website and filling out the forms and placing either deceased names or names that look real into the forms but they're garbage. 


Has anyone else ever encountered a similar situation? Right now, the client's website doesn't have any captchas on it and they wouldn't want to add it. We're thinking of adding a Honeypot to help with the spam, however we have to discuss with the client since the lead software that they use may not allow for it.  If so, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Ghost form fills from the other side

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Hi @rachelle h,


That sounds like a spooky situation. 


Actually, this does happen as bots can fill forms online, which is where a smart captcha comes into play. I say smart since the first types were cracked by hackers for their spambots. The industry came up with recaptcha to counter their (hacking industry) advancements.


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Ghost form fills from the other side

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Depending upon the form program and how the lead capture system is setup up, You can make it so that only one person ( IP address ) can fill out the form, once they have they can't fill out a form again.  I have seen this work and then have the "error page" display you have contacted us prior, please Call XXXX for assistance.


Otherwise, I would at least use a simply Math Capture  to stop some of the bots, the normal captcha can be a pain typing in a ton of letters that are very hard to read, but the simple Math Captures might get client approval as they are simple easy to see and do the trick.

Example   3 + 7 =

Fill in box with the answer ___

( that is an example of a Match Captcha)