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Does someone know why a website does not appear in google?

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Author: Emilse Ormeno
Hi +Google Partners,
This website is 6 months old and is indexed and in google cache, but when searching by the website name, it doesn't appear.
I tried typing the entire title and domain of the website in google, and it still doesn't appear.
The facebook, youtube and google+ of the website is showing in all the searches.
In bing it's appearing ok in second place, but in yahoo it's not appearing, same as in google.
I submitted the sitemap.xml about 5 months ago in webmasters tool search console.
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Author: John Griffith
It will be interesting to see what others come up with.  Without digging too deep it seems to me that Google has indexed the content at the social sited and is viewing the website as duplication of the existing content.    I would look at differentiating the website content and not duplicating it across multiple points of presence.
Author: @Spencer_Wade
When I go to your G+ Business page you have your website linked to Google maps instead of your actual website, could that be the reason for this error? It should be name, address, phone number, & website, I do not see a site linked to this pageSmiley Sad

Try linking your actual website to G+ and see what happens. 
Link a brand page to a website - Google My Business Help

Then log into the Search Console and test Google Index: Index Status, Content Keywords, Blocked Resources, Remove URLs & Look at Crawl: Crawl Errors, Crawl Stats, Fetch as Google, robots.txt Tester, Sitemaps, URL Parameters @Emilse Ormeno 
Because you are linking your G+ profile to maps, try linking your website and address and then share an image that you have done so and lets see, as far as the pending that could your issue right there. Has it been pending for 6 months? Whats pending, in your profile? Can you link your site and show and image?
Local Google+ pages aren't eligible to link to a website. You can add your website to your business information by following these steps

The verified webmaster can confirm the link in Webmaster Tools. Once the link has been approved, you'll receive and email. You'll also see a checkmark verified checkmark next to your website on the About tab of your page's profile

After you’ve linked your Google+ page to your website, you can also link your website to your page to direct customers to your social presence
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Re: Does someone know why a website does not appear in google?

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Thanks for this.