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Do you encourage clients to proactively review data?

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The majority, if not all, of us send reports to our clients. We’re expected to as part of our service. Some clients are even quite specific about what sort of data they want us to present them with.

This is generally because the clients are too busy running their business to spend time looking through the likes of Analytics and AdWords statistics. But now and then, you will come across a client who does like to dive into data and in turn send queries your way. Sometimes these queries will involve nitpicking, while other times they might lead to interesting insights.

This week I’m curious to know whether you’re happy for clients to look through data themselves. Perhaps you even encourage them to do so?


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ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Do you encourage clients to proactively review data?

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Great question, Scott!


So, I see this a double edged sword in a sense - and each PPC Provider has a different business models...this is not a one size fits all situation.


Clients that can't be bothered with their performance would likely fall into the category of an 'absent' client.  These are the clients that you can never get a hold of, can never get any feedback or information from either.  These accounts/relationships can often be as tough as the really needed and typically difficult clients (the ones that make changes on their own etc...).


On the flip side, I prefer the opposite.  We work very hard to educate our clients, and encourage them to review performance data, not only so they understand why they pay us but to understand where their budgets are going and most importantly what they get in return.  We often deliver our reports on a call and discuss the most important KPIs as well as goals, what's new, what's coming up and what new opportunities we have for the client. At the same time, we're happy to address client queries in between calls as this is a solid sign that they're engaged.  


I've also noticed that if clients are not engaged and sometimes even if we as service providers are not engaged with marketing directors and even the execs above them, than we're just a line item on some spreadsheet and easily replaceable.  Relationships still mean a lot.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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