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Digital Meetings

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Hi Guys! For those of you who meet face-to-face with clients, how do you show your reporting? (For either in an office situation or a lunch meeting.)


Do you:


1. Show printed reports?

2. Show reports on a laptop?

3. Other


We are guilty of showing a lot of information printed, since the clients like to make notes in meetings. Oftentimes, we meet for lunch with clients and are not in an office environment. We'd like to be more digitally focused, but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. After our meetings, we will often end up emailing them the same reports we printed.


I'm toying with the idea of multiple ipads/tablets for us to bring but that seems a bit overkill. (We sometimes meet with 10 or so people at once, so trying to squint at a laptop or tablet across a table won't work.) We'd also have to hope that the restaurant has Wifi. 


What do you guys use? 


Re: Digital Meetings

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I like the idea of tablets. You fancy huh?

But we just create powerpoints and send out beforehand. Then when we meet, we go through the deck and address any questions they may have. Plus they can easily save it in a folder and not worry about losing it if they need to revisit something.