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Did I make a big mistake?

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My client's website use to be on the front page of Google.  I cant find it at all now.  Site:


I had recently remade the site.  I noticed I stupidly did not include "keywords" in the site's metadata.


I also noticed my client "Closed Business in GooglePlaces", and reopened a new listing for same business.


Question is, did his site drop because I did not include keywords in the metadata?  Or did he wipe his google status by closing his google business?  I tested to see if his site was even indexed by google.  It is not.  I believe it was indexed before so did closing business on GooglePlaces deindex his site?









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May 2017

Did I make a big mistake?

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Hi Collin,


Keywords in the metadata is an outdated practice. There were far too much abuse and Google does need it. You do need to have a Google My Business listing, along with a Google+ profile (these are now separate systems). And you need to use structured data on the website, which will feed the Google Knowledge Panel (the large info block on the right side of the SERPs (search engine results pages) on Google.


Start here> Google Developers Web Fundamentals.  


Once you have taken all of that information into account, rework so of the website to better suite Google. One big issue if the front page being locked out with a entry click. This is another practice devalued (like keywords). The site is neat, from a design standpoint, but terrible at giving the visitor a great user experience. I click on four or five pages and became a bit confused as to what happened. Why?


1. I first arrive at a landing page asking me to click to enter. This is annoying and another step I do not need.

2. I click enter and end up on a video only page with a normal looking menu bar at the top. Video makes me dizzy and provides nothing I am expecting... and no value since my sound is turned off by default (I surf with speakers off). No text wording on page means there is nothing to serve Google, nothing for them to slurp up and serve back to searchers. Where are H1 headers? H2 headers? What is this site about in the eyes of a Google bot? 

3. I click on About and the menu bar is now gone and I am looking at three vertical blocks on info. I am now on another unexpected journey and one I am ending now because all I am doing is clicking and roaming and getting nothing I want, need or except.


Okay, I think I have given some insight to think about.


Now, let's dig a little deeper on Google Web Crawlers. They need H1, H2, H3, etc. headers to lay out what each page is about. They they need paragraphs of information for each header that is relevant and consistent with the headers, the title of the page, url name, etc.. They do not see video, flash, etc. as they see words, names and alt meta tags of images, etc..


How do you get Google to index a website? You feed it a monthly XML site map in the Google Webmasters Site Console, that all website should be using, along with Google Analytics. 


In essence... 


Once a small business creates a website, they must work on making that website a great user experience for visitors. How do they do that? They provide a well-structured website with relevant content presented on a fast-loading and mobile-responsive, modern website. It also must not have errors or issues that harm a visitor or that prevents Google from crawling your website. 


Once Google Search Console is setup and reviewed, let's check up on your site speed, mobile-friendliness and some SEO (search engine optimization) stuff. Search Console will also show you error pages, which is where your old page addresses that were removed or renamed will be listed. Any of those should have 301 redirects set up for them to point to new pages that are accessible. You can check this as often as you like to catch them all... or you can go ahead and set up 301's for all of the old pages and redirect them to the corresponding new page address, respectively.  


Again, you should be using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to better understand what is happening with your website. 


1) Visit Google Search Console.

2) Use the Google Developers Speed Test and work on fixing the issues so that your score is 89 or higher for both mobile & desktop.

3) Rerun the Google Speed Test but use this tool instead. Make sure you have a mobile score of 100.

4) Run your site through this SEO score checker.

5) Visit Google Analytics and setup your website.


Utilize the steps as they are outlined. Visit #1 and dig into your website actions with Google. Use #2 to bring your score up and get any optimized content to download & use. Complete everything and then go to #3. Complete everything and go to step #4. Now go to step #5 and dig into what is actually happening with visitors and your website.

From here, you need to have a strong and consistent social presence that is updated with content related to your products & services. And you need to utilize a local online presence by being listed on local directories (YP, BBB, etc.). And all of your online information needs to be consistent and correct. 

All of this will be a continual process of repeating the above steps 2-3 times per month for the life of your business.


Building a website is step one (the easy step). Developing a website is a constant process with endless steps and it never stops (and is the more challenging step). Smiley Happy  


Oh... I forgot to mention the site has been indexed, click on this search result. But look at the info under each listing... there is no description, no info expect the menu bar. Going back up my reply... there is no words on the pages to feed Google so why would Google feed/serve this page to me or another searcher? Give me video content on YouTube, give me words that I can read for each webpage. Put the YouTube video player on a webpage that makes sense and let me control it to my liking. Add in description meta tags and page title meta tags, which will help Google know what the pages are about... but add in H1, H2, H3 headers and paragraphs that align with them for a high relevancy score. 


King Regards,



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May 2017

Did I make a big mistake?

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Hi Collin


There are two streams of issues here - the GMB listing and the website.


First, GMB:

Relaunching a website is no cause to close the business. So if the listing was marked as closed, the best course of action would be to contact GMB support and get the listing reopened.


If you do that now, you will likely have two pages for the same business - but again GMB support should be able fix that and merge the two pages for you.


Ideally you want the older page restored, as the age of the page will work to your advantage in the local pack / local finder.


This will have zero impact for the website in the organic results.  


The website:

There is an awful lot to be fixed up, more than what could reasonably be covered in a forum and for free.  I'll address a few issues here to get you started.


Keywords in the meta desc are a non-issue.  Not having keywords will not impact the organic ranking.


The site is indeed indexed by Google: It may not be indexed completely, and reading further you'll see why.


Turn the permalinks feature in Wordpress to make pretty URLs.


The biggest thing that will likely have caused the site to fall badly is the lack of redirects between the old website pages and the new website pages.  If Google crawls an older link, it's most likely simply going to the new home page - not to the new location of the old content.


Is the site registered (both www and non-www) in Search Console? If not, do that now, and you'll very likely see a lot of crawl errors showing. 


The site in its current form looks like it has been live more than a year now. So be patient - fix things up and don't expect an instant recovery. This will likely take months.

If the drop is only recent, there may be an algorithmic issue to be dealt with. Also look at the internal structure and linking of the site, esp the home page (typically the strongest page for a local business website).


As a side note, a badly performing website can impact the GMB listing performance.  

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