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Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices

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Google Best Practices is a great resource for anyone working with the AdWords platform. I personally try to read all of their information and find it easy to follow and even easier to put to work in the wild. 


Please enjoy the Google Best Practices' official guide for optimizing ads and messaging on Google Search. For those that are still wrapping their heads around the expanded text ads, this will lend some credible insights into making success happen for you. 


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1. Take advantage of expanded text ads

  • Take full advantage of your character limits.

Why: Longer headlines increase the clickable space of your ads, communicate more to someone who’s searching, and further qualify the clicks that you receive.

  • Focus on your headlines.

Why: The content and quality of your headlines matters and will determine how well your ads perform.

Read more about taking advantage of expanded text ads.

2. Write compelling, genuine ad copy

  • Don’t simply add a second headline to your existing ads. Rethink your entire ad creative.

Why: Building a connection with someone through an ad can be tough. Additional characters allow you to provide consumers with more insight into your offering.

Read more about writing compelling, genuine ad copy.

3. Set up your expanded text ads for success

  • Use keyword insertion and ad customizers if you have a lot of ads to maintain.

Why: You can tailor your creative to a user’s search while reducing your management overhead, including in your URL navigation fields.

Read more about setting your ads up for success.

4. Test and optimize creatives

  • Test and iterate your ad creative.

Why: You can learn about your users’ preferences and improve your performance by honing ad text, especially your headlines.

Read more about testing and optimizing creatives.



Are you needing some help moving from standard to expanded text ads?


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Do you have some tips, tricks or thoughts about expanded text ads? Post them up here so we all can discuss them. The community is here for you, and we have a great group of friendly folks ready to talk. 


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Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices

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Thanks for sharing this James!