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Changing Order of G+ Circles

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Any G+ gurus here know how to change the order of the "circles" in G+?

I'd like to add a bunch of folks (many of you fine folks :-) ) to my circles but the default is "follow", and I'd like to add folks to my SEM circle. 

As it is now, I have to scroll down to the "SEM" circle option, and it's a real pain. 

Would be nice to have SEM as the default for a while, or at least to push it up to the top of the list. 


Thanks for any ideas. 

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Re: Changing Order of G+ Circles

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OK. Solved.

Go to upper left menu in G+ and pick "people" then "your circles" then drag the colorful circles into the order you want. (left to right, top to bottom, like reading order)