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Bing Violating AdWords Policy

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Badged Google Partner


I just caught Bing violating Google policy regarding trademarks in ad content. Looks like a bad case of Dynamic Keyword Insertion. You would think Bing would know better. Smiley Happy Fortunately this particular client advertises with Bing Ads as well, so either way the end user should find what they are looking for. Of course, this doesn't give me much confidence in Bing Ads in general. I think it would be hilarious if Google were to disapprove the ads and suspend the account. They have certainly done it for little mistakes like this in the past. Smiley Happy


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Bing Violating AdWords Policy

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In my understanding, Google does not stop anyone from using a trademarked term in ad texts till it receives a complaint of violation from the owner. If you or your client is the owner of this site in question, you can file a trademark complaint with Google. Once it is processed, Bing will not able to use it with the ads, knowingly or unknowingly. 


While trying to find the ad you referred, I came across an interesting scenario  -


If you search for clubflyers, you will notice that Google's index has URLs from Bing which seem to be URLs from Bing's ad servers. And when you click any one of them, you will be redirected to advertisers' websites directly, who I believe must be advertising with Bing. 


Interesting! All those URLs have UTM parameters passed to them. Source as Bing and Medium as CPC Smiley Happy


It means Bing is advertising with Google and redirecting such DSA traffic to advertisers' site directly and making advertisers believe that the visits came from Bing. Obviously because of those UTMs passed manually. 


Not sure if it's a thing done deliberately, but makes me smile Smiley Happy.


Good day!


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