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Are You "Pre" Marketing Clients For Christmas Like Google's New Pixel Phone and DayDream VR HeadSet

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Today Google released to major announcement most likely to impact sales of two new awesome new products which is Google's new smartphone "Pixel" and virtual reality headset called "DayDream"


Words can only describe these products so much so I will share the video, you might notice that we are talking about two major marketing points to consider for your AdWords clients:


1) Start pre-marketing for the Christmas season NOW!


2) Use Video in your marketing efforts, Google does so,  might be a good idea for you to incorporate video into yours or your client campaigns.


While you can't link a video direct to a campaign you can link a landing page with a video on the page (at least that was the advice from AdWords support) you can create a landing page and insert a video which doesn't need to be long. Videos that are short, sweet and to the point can work very effectively.


If you have a few minutes strongly recommend you watch the two videos produced by Google


Google's Pixel Phone:



Google's Virtual Reality Headset DayDream



Wishlist for 2017, Hopefully AdWords campaigns with link direct with a YouTube video to help further along video marketing with AdWords. Happy video marketing!

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Re: Are You "Pre" Marketing Clients For Christmas Like Google's New Pixel Phone and DayDr

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Community Manager
Thanks for posting this Molly!