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Advice on starting a digital agency with overhead costs and managment

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As a founder of a digital agency how do you guys cope with stress (when knowing you have overhead costs, etc.)? I'm 25 and finally moving into a private office with my sales team on Monday, any recommendation on how to manage the agency?


I have done business plan, install all financial softwares to keep track of the cost and host our own agency CRM. Am I missing anything else?

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Re: Advice on starting a digital agency with overhead costs and managment

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Hello Vilvas,

Sounds like you are on a fast track, congrats on your accomplishments and congrats on the next stages of your agency. If you have all your planning in place and have something to track all your time and company work, you are doing better than most that start the process. 

Really the only thing missing is your customers, once you start bringing them into play you will see what you need and dont need, if I can give any advice it would be stay consistent, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is and look at both your customers and employees as partners and your business will go along way. 

So get as many of your employees certified will Google products, so you can showcase the team on your partners page and keep your team current in Google products. One thing that helped me starting out was learning to delegate, it will help you run the business successfully, just be sure and check all the work and reward accordingly. One last piece of advice I live by, if I need a tool to do my job, I probably shouldn't be doing the job. Pick your tools wisely. 

Again congrats on your business and keep us posted on your future successes. 

Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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Re: Advice on starting a digital agency with overhead costs and managment

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Hi Vilvas,

Congrats on the new adventure!

Running a successful agency will defiantly go beyond the accounting software. It will depend a lot on your agency's uniqueness and what differentiates your agency from the one down the street. This can work both ways as an agency (client facing) and as an employer (staff).

What type of value does your agency deliver then how cool is your staffs job? Making sure that both these avenues are solidly covered will go a long way! Good staff are hard to replace and it can cost a pretty penny in training as well.

As per the technical side of your agency one pointer that I would give to you in which helped my success would be to properly manage your clients expectations by transparency. Set the right perception in the clients language how he can easily get a quick overview on KPI's and follow your great work.

Perception is everything and just because you are doing a good job is not enough, you must show those results and make sure your client is following the wins.

Reporting, reporting and reporting!

Good luck!