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AdWords Scripts as a niche service?

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Hi everyone Smiley Happy


I recently joined the Partners community. I find the forums very useful and already read tons of interesting material. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas, suggestions and client stories.


Here's what I'm wondering: I'd like to grow my business by focusing on a few key niche areas, it seems like AdWords scripts may be a good candidate. I have the technical background required to build expertise in this area, but I'm not sure if it's an in-demand service or not. Any ideas based on your interactions with your customers? Do companies actively look for support in writing and deploying these scripts? Does automation add tangible value to the campaigns?





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Re: AdWords Scripts as a niche service?

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Hi @Oz G,


Welcome to the Google Partners Community! It is great to hear of your progress as a Google Partner and your enjoyment of these rich resources. 


As a fellow partner and agency owner, I do understand your idea and think it would be well-served by marketing it to Ad Agencies, since our clients are businesses that do not want to operate Adwords on their own, which is one reason why they hire us partners. Along with agencies, add in some info about helping the novices, too. Possibly break it into novice, intermediate, advanced sections? 


Explore these search terms on Google Search:

WordStream adwords scripts

Optimyzer adwords scripts

ppchero adwords scripts


This will give you a great expo of what is already being offered, costs, marketing, ideas, etc.. Where you could excel above them is to offer custom Adwords scripts covering anything an agency wanted. Along with custom scripts, your could have a small library of scripts that cover some topics you know and some you see on those other sites (above). Create a dynamic webpage that markets your skills well and run with it. 


In the end, agencies do look for Adwords Scripts and they do add tangible value for most. I think more seek out scripts versus creating their own... so that is to your advantage. Time & Technical restraints are at play for most.  


Best wishes to you and much success in your journey! 



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Re: AdWords Scripts as a niche service?

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Thanks @James_Clemens,


Targeting agencies as the main potential customer for the scripts sounds like a good idea. I'll get to work and develop some scripts and a landing page, and as you said..."run with it" Smiley Wink

Re: AdWords Scripts as a niche service?

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I would certainly pay for them. I already do... Smiley Happy I would check out if you haven't already. Automation is a pretty lucrative industry in general.

Re: AdWords Scripts as a niche service?

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Thanks for the suggestion @Tony_Guo,


It looks like Optmyzr is all about automation. 


Also, check out this upcoming event on AdWords scripts, could be interesting:

'Discover' Hangout-On-Air series on ‘AdWords Automation with Scripts