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Access to Multiple AdWords Accounts using the same Email ID (non MCC)

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Badged Google Partner

Dear fellow partners, I just found out last night that the one AdWords account per email ID restriction has been lifted to a maximum of 5. I'm obviously not talking about MCC accounts.

What this means for us?

1) Clients no longer have to use separate email ids to login to different accounts (for whatever reason this may be). Go ahead and grant access to the main email (so that they can get notifications instantly) and they can accept the invitation. When they login, they can choose which account to access among the five.

2) If your MCC is cluttered with dormant accounts (even if they're cancelled), this might be a good opportunity to grant admin access to another email, and use it to unlink five of your accounts for good. Personally, I prefer this to hiding the inactive accounts - not that it makes a particular difference, but its just an option.


Sorry if this is a repost, but I was excited at this news and wanted to share with all of you. Since the MCC now shows all accounts (even if we have sub-managers) it probably makes sense to keep the list focussed, maybe to complement the labels. Just my opinion.

Have a nice day!

Access to Multiple AdWords Accounts using the same Email ID (non MCC)

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Badged Google Partner

Hey @Niranjan R, thanks for keeping us in the loop. It sounds like some exciting enhancements to the Adwords Platform!


Stay Googley!

Brandon Lucius, Google Adwords & Google Partners Rising Star
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