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Wrong Postcode on Business Address

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I am the Digital Manager at Mall Galleries, an Art Gallery based in Central London on The Mall. Google Business is constantly getting our postcode wrong. As the Gallery entrance is on The Mall, leading up to Buckingham Palace, our postcode should just be SW1. Instead, Google repeatedly changes it to SW1A 2BN which has caused a number of difficult problems for us. 


Can anyone from the support forums or Google Business help us out with this. 


Business Name: Mall Galleires

Business Address: Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1

Telephone Number: 020 7930 6844

Google Maps

Mall Galleries Website


Liam Kilby 

Digital Manager

Mall Galleries




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Wrong Postcode on Business Address

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@Liam K

It  seems to being  an  GMaps issue  rather then  a GMB issue and  not restricted on your business.



Try  searching n GMaps  for  "london sw1" or  lets  say  for "St. James's London sw1, UK"  you then will  see  GMaps doesn't consider it  a valid  address.


I'm not saying  GMaps is right - but such  searches show the core of your issue.


I'll ping  a  fellow  TC  from UK as I hope he knows much more  about UK post code usage in GMaps as I do.


@Tim Capper  can you  please chime in here?



Thanks in Advance

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Wrong Postcode on Business Address

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Hello Helmut,


Thank you for your considered reply. It’s a complex issue - the Gallery next door to us, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) have the same issue. The postcode displayed for them is their admin address at 12 Carlton House Terrace - our admin address is 17 Carlton House Terrace. 


It might be an arcane reason to do with postcodes. We don’t get post delivered to the Gallery but to our admin address “around the back”. The complexity is that we’re based on the road where the Queen lives. I’ve spoken with Royal Mail and they said if we don’t get post delivered to “the address” we won’t have a postcode but google business or google maps requires us to input a postcode to a standard british format. So we don’t want to send people to the back, business entrance, but to entrance on The Mall.

Re: Wrong Postcode on Business Address

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Thanks @Helmut Geissler


Hi @Liam K


I think I have missed something here, looking at your listing, the address is showing the Mall ( or have you solved the issue )


The problem is Google uses a mixture of data sources and the primary one is from Royal Mail, and it sounds like Royal Mail wont update yours.


The other issue is that Google and pretty much all map data and other data sources online see the address: "The Mall London SW1" - as the whole of the Mall which is a pretty long road.


Honestly I am not sure how to help with this one.




Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Wrong Postcode on Business Address

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Hello Tim, 


Many thanks for your reply. It is showing the Mall but when the postcode SW1Y 5AH (which is now on the Google Listing) or SW1Y 2BB is used on official documents say insurance from people who have rented the Gallery Space or on printed marketing material it has the potential to cause problems. Some people take what is listed on Google as gospel as use it as a quick way to find the address instead of through more official sources. 


I think the solution might have to be that apply for a postcode from the Royal Mail and use that for the Gallery address in future and drop the idea of "not having a postcode". 


Although saying that I received an email yesterday saying my changes had been successful (see photo). This has happened before though so who knows how long it will last for and it hasn't updated yet either. 


Thank you again for your help.