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Verification of Business With a Disgruntled Google My Business Employee

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I am losing my mind trying to verify a business listing for a home builder that is not able to get a postcard to their location since the land is just getting developed, but they have a sales trailer which customers are using to purchase homes. 


I've helped our builder partners verify dozens of listings in the past with photo and email url verification in these cases, but the person I'm talking to keeps insisting that the only way to verify the listing is through video conferencing. We completed the video conference call and the listing was denied because that agent interpreted that the name community/business "Stoner Prairie by William Ryan Homes" does not meet Google's guidelines and insisted that it has to be named "William Ryan Homes." Every builder in the country uses this naming methodology, but I still complied.


At this point, I requested the traditional form of verification that I've used in the past from Mahendra (Google My Business Employee), which is an acceptable form of getting a listing approved. I've asked several times ant Mahendra keeps telling me that I HAVE TO do a video conference call. None of my questions are answered as to why when photo verification is an acceptable method. All I get is the same message over and over again. I've requested to be in touch with his/her supervisor, but the same message keeps being sent to me. 


I also tried calling the support line Google offers for local businesses and they keep telling me that there is nothing they can do. It's a different department and they don't have a solution. 


Is there a direct way to reach someone outside working with this individual to verify the business listing?

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Verification of Business With a Disgruntled Google My Business Employee

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Hey @Chris L do you have a GMB support case ID #?

Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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