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Not showing up but verified for 3 months

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Encore cosmetic cllinic.

248 papanui rd christchurch new zealand


we hv been verified for 3 months , hv 5 stars and 2 reviewa but still do not show on google maps when searching the key words important to our business. We hv key words with add words so can not figure out why we do not show up - even under 'other places' help!

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Not showing up but verified for 3 months

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Hi Grant, 


I'm seeing your listing when I'm typing in very specific search phrases (address + business name) so you're definitely set up. Building rankings does take a while for new listings, but this sounds more like an SEO question than a technical problem you're having with the listing. Google doesn't always show all the available listings when you click on 'other places', especially if you have ranking issues or poor 'authority' in Google's eyes. Given your industry, it's likely you have some savvy competition too. 


So here's a quick primer. Google has hundreds of things they're known to look at when deciding which companies are worth showing up top. The number of reviews, how often those reviews come in, the ranking for the website, ranking for the page on the website your profile is linking to, the location of the facility in relation to the person doing the search, the consistency of your name, address, and phone number around the internet, etc. You can read more about what Google looks at for local businesses here and here. You can read a more beginner primer here.


A few things that jump out at me though... first, how does your website rank? If you aren't seeing your site anywhere on the first few pages for a given keyword, you likely won't see your listing in the 3-pack either. According to Majestic at least, looks like you might have hired the wrong SEO team. A citation score of 24 and a trust score of 0 implies your only links to the site are all garbage spam links. Hard to say without taking a closer look, but you might want to get a second opinion from someone you trust if you have an SEO team helping you out right now. 


I also noticed there are two other profiles at your business location, here and here. You can ask Google My Business support on Twitter to merge those two listings in with your real listing, or delete them. Also, your category is 'dermatologist'. Check to see who else is ranking for the keywords you're interested in, and see what categories they use... that has a pretty big weight in the current algorithm too. There's probably some other stuff you should do too, but you get the idea.

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