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Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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I work for a company that has many, many locations. We have a parent company that owns a large number of subsidiary companies, each of the subsidiary companies has multiple locations, some of them have 200+ locations.

I oversee the websites, and so, manage this side of things too.


I have a domain email address of the parent company, each of the subsidiary companies has a different domain email address, but some of them have the same domain email address as the parent, so their domain email address doesn't reflect the company name.


When I try to verify I'm asked to email them a domain email from the subsidiary, I explain the situation, and point them to the parent company website, and show them the linkage between parent and child company, but still they demand an email from the child company. Easy you say, just get someone from the child company to respond, did that, sometimes it works . . . but then there are the companies that have the same email domain as me . . . what then?


I then get asked to send in images of some of the sites, as some of them are not visible from Street View, they ask "can you do this by tomorrow?" I say "no, the company is in the united states, I am in Australia!" . . . they then seem to close the job, so when, in two weeks I have all the photos, I respond, but the job has been closed and I have to start the whole procedure again . . . 


Surely there is a way that I can be verified rather than each of the 44 sites that I look after, it is frustrating me no end.


Thanks for any constructive suggestions


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Re: Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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Community Manager

Hi @Simon d,


Have you looked into the option of bulk verification for all of your locations? This getting started guide may provide some helpful links for you. I think that this would be the best way go to about managing such a large number of listings. I would also recommend looking into the Google My Business API to ease your frustrations--you can read more about the prerequisites, and learn how to get started using it here.


I hope that this information is helpful!



GMB Community Manager 

Re: Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your reply.


I am already using bulk uploading and it is in the bulk verification that I am having the problems. We have roughly 1200 locations in Australia alone.


The problem seems to be that I have no contact with Google other than through and these guys seem to me to be on a ticket based system where they probably get paid for closing tickets. They start working on an issue and close it as soon as possible . . . I start a verification, I go through the whole "you don't have a domain email address that matches this site" routine, If Im lucky, I finally convince them I am who I say I am, they ask me to send images in, but because I have to liaise with the particular child company this takes time, I get to the point where I have images to send in, and find the job has been closed or I'm dealing with a different operator, and have to go through the whole routine again.


I have tried ringing Google in Australia and just get fobbed off with (help is all done online), one of the funniest or most frustrating is this: "Please contact our Google My Business support team by visiting the Google My Business Help Center and clicking on the “Contact us” link."

maybe I'm missing something, but I haven't been able to find the elusive "contact us" on that page.


Google create these "locations" and to stop people populating them with false information we, as owners, have to take ownership of them and update them with the correct information, but Google makes it hugely difficult to  get ownership/verification if the business doesn't fit their ideal model of a business. You'd think they'd want to make my job easy, as ultimately I'm doing their work for them.

Re: Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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SAME PROBLEM - just 10 sites and....

I took the suggestion of updating search console, opting to verify through host - all done and nothing.

Can't get any help.

Whats the point of having this "service" if it doesn't work.

Thank you.

Director of Marketing
David Dorfman

Re: Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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Same here and I did bulk verification.

I click the call button, get a call back from some other country (other then us) who tell me the bulk verification team will contact me - not. I am in the IUS, I would like to speak to US support who may better understand the english language. I am in an endless loop of NO help, and an API won't help a "simple" 10 unit bulk verification.

Should be a SIMPLE process there google. Well bing is no better nor are any of the hundreds of sites that rehash bad data scraped from other sites.

Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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Hi Simon, 


Did you ever get a resolution with this? I am currently having the same issues with bulk verification.






Frustrations with Bulk Verification

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2 years later and I am having the same issues as Simon. They had to wait a month before allowing me to have primary ownership of my locations, which I was already a co-owner of before moving forward through next steps. I explained that the current primary email was not a member of the company anymore, but they had no other options but to wait. 


After a month, they kept changing what they needed. First they said that I need a link to our brands from our parent site, which I provided, but then they said I needed links vice versa (patiently I added in). Next, I ran into the issues of the email domain. We're a global company, so have US in our domain, but the automatic generated email for verification did not display US. Again, a barrier that I cannot control, but set a email to re-route to my US address. Afterwards, he told me I needed images of 5 locations of storefronts, which I sent, and then afterwards called out 5 other locations (some I already showed proof for) saying he needs now other locations. As multiple brands are in each office, I explained I had no control over what's in the front of the store, but he was telling me I needed each brand name in the front. Throughout the whole process, he kept saying I don't understand, but I told him that I submitted everything at this point, and that it is not on me that he did not understand.


After months of back and forth, I finally said I would like to speak to a supervisor in which he told me I'd have to wait a week. I then said that I wanted to put in a former complaint, which he responded to with "okay, I'll just skip this step, and if there's any issues, I'll take the blame." Afterwards, he proceeded to give me a difficult time, while huffing and puffing, and said my supervisor will call you, and hung up. 


Still not bulk verified...